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Downloads: Jiggly Bunny

Jiggly Bunny

Uploaded by 27th January 2017
Author Author Kazecat 
File Size File Size 5.10 MB
Views Views 11,599
Downloads Downloads 2,063
Last Reupload Last Reupload 3rd June 2020
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Jiggly is a quick rush down characters. Low HP, fast, combo based, simple to use.

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Updated: 2/26/2017

2nd Update 7/14/2017
Minor Update 7/16/2017: blockstun reduction, slightly damage reduction on some attacks, Mugen 1.0 compatibility

10/11/2017: Update
bunch of tweaks to fit in with my other characters.
Wall Jump has been added.

11.30.2017 - Potential Crush infinite removed

02.23.2018 - Updated; Wall Jump Added

3.13.2018 - Updated

6.12.2018 - Jump cancels added

6.21.2018 - Jump normals adjusted to no longer gradually make enemies go up. New Air Launcher, Down + HP, can be used to extend air combos instead. Over all speed increase. Momentum is maintained on wall jumps now.

7.19.2018 - Falling speeds reduced

10.3.2018 - Updated with Makuyama release, NEW normal attacks

11.21.2018 - Added new Supers, Re-Purposed EX moves.

04.18.2019 - AI projectile detection added, dizzy animation, balance update with Pastilla

07.10.2019 - Increased Size, increased damage on some attacks, increased speed, increased HP slightly.

11.01.2019 - Cartwheel Added, increased damage, increased recovery, Win Quotes added

03.19.2020 - Win Quotes for Violet, Twerk redone, Dive butt redone.

06.03.2020 - Dodge roll last longer, damage reduced a tad, air normals have more recovery.
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  • Jiggly Bunny
  • Jiggly Bunny
  • Jiggly Bunny

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New Challenger
1st April 2020 at 20:29
User Awaiting Moderation
18th March 2020 at 22:17
2nd March 2020 at 07:50
@Kazecat Alright, fair. I'll see what's new for her as well as the new character then!
1st March 2020 at 09:45
@Lakuto A Upcoming edit will remove this by making the gattling bunn neutral instead of plus. Because I reanimated it.
1st September 2019 at 01:39
@Lakuto That's a good find. I figured that would be possible but I just thought the scaling would be a good enough deterrent.
5th August 2019 at 10:46
Here's another infinite combo: https://streamable.com/vt129
Rapid HK > LK link is cool. The combo scales (a lot more with LP link) but I don't know, time scamming with this could be a thing.
New Challenger
26th May 2019 at 19:50
Also ill download and use whatever i need at my discretion if its publicly available. Without the users to give hobbies validity it wouldnt matter so you should be thanking us. Breathe dude.
New Challenger
26th May 2019 at 19:47
I assume your talking about me @bobbysharks since you didnt address me directly either.. Mind your own business if and only if thats the case. The world has actual problems in it least of all to do with mugen.
26th May 2019 at 19:44
@sitefaceb♥♥♥♥you And I'm just saying I don't want that. Don't edit mine for 18+, just make you're own.
26th May 2019 at 19:32
@kater15 That user's screen name looks suspicious, and what drew my attention to it was the way they've been acting past couple of posts. I just wanted to suggest to them they soften up a bit, but then get to wondering how to even type out their name for the mention.
New Challenger
26th May 2019 at 18:14
Wasnt talking about YOU - I said ' I want 18+ edits please '. Theres countless 18+ mods and edits of things and your not special for not doing so.
26th May 2019 at 17:11
Guys, I receiving tons of emails of Jiggly Bunny character, over and over.

Why I most be this way...
Jewel men10
26th May 2019 at 16:10
i'm afraid to say "Goddamn! That's A Big Fatass"
26th May 2019 at 03:44

I thought this character was already an 18+ character
26th May 2019 at 03:20
@sitefaceb♥♥♥♥you I don't want +18 edits of my characters. Sorry.
New Challenger
21st May 2019 at 17:47
18+ version of her and katrina crocadile please. I want it.
15th February 2019 at 12:40
@Kazecat Brilliant. I had downloaded another bundle directed from your video premiering Katrina, that was about 150 or so mb. And the bundle off this video I'm downloading now too. Cheers.
15th February 2019 at 09:11
14th February 2019 at 20:46
@Kazecat What is this bundle you speak of?
9th February 2019 at 01:36
After the thing with the "Galaxy Moon" edit I started working on a proper edit today, can´t upload it yet because of the event so instead i am going to leave a comment thanking you for these great characters that are giving us the experience of actualy balanced fighters in mugen that are strong due to combos that the player can learn like in a proper balanced fighting game like Smash Bros or Mortal Combat
New Challenger
3rd January 2019 at 02:28
big chungus
20th September 2018 at 20:49
@Koshty You DO NOT have my permission to upload them. Those are exclusively in the bundle.
Lurker Locked Rank, unlock with green reputation
19th September 2018 at 19:37
actually why looking for in your channel i found some stages so will you upload them some day? or can i upload them instead?
Lurker Locked Rank, unlock with green reputation
19th September 2018 at 18:56
If you gave her an already existing stage what stage would it be
18th April 2018 at 04:52
Jiggly is very fun to play and just gotta love cute ***** bunny gal. GJ!
14th March 2018 at 00:15
@Koshty Thank you very much. Please try all of them.
Lurker Locked Rank, unlock with green reputation
7th March 2018 at 19:22
great characters your making there bud
3rd March 2018 at 02:20
11th November 2017 at 00:05
November 10th 2017 - File has been updated!
4th November 2017 at 17:33
How to make the skin/color palette the same everytime for the AI?
2nd November 2017 at 22:32
@SpectatorX I really appreciate that. @Chadfill I was going for that sort of thing with all characters.
New Challenger
2nd November 2017 at 01:40
Her gameplay resembles alot Marvel vs Capcom
1st November 2017 at 15:59
lol, ok so, someone has asked me to do an 18+ edit of your characters on my tumblr. I read the comments, so it seems you don't want your characters edited like that so I will respect that decision.
14th July 2017 at 06:35
Updated: 7/14/2017
Decent Fighter
25th June 2017 at 15:54
Probably my favorite character in the roster so far. While she doesn't quite have the damage output of Jumbo, she is agile, fast and plays really fluid! Looking forward to your upcoming works, Kaze!

15th June 2017 at 20:01
14th June 2017 at 21:28
@Crobot34 I really don't wanna do an 18+ edit. I can't stop others in this community, but know that I don't want it.
Oliver As Latias
14th June 2017 at 20:52
@crobot34 - Dude, wtf. No.
14th June 2017 at 20:26
18+ edit when?
New Challenger
11th June 2017 at 09:59
I found her a wonderful addition to my mugen. Agree to not having an 18+ edit of her. Find it sooo odd that THAT's even a thing in this site/game!! Cannot wait for your third character Kaze :)