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Feilong KOFA

Uploaded by 22nd August 2016
Author Author 月影風魔
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Another great char from KOFA.

Character design:
Fei Long was designed as a pastiche of a real-life martial artist and Hong Kong movie star Bruce Lee. The English localization of the original arcade game pays tribute to Bruce Lee by having Fei Long state "there could never be another legend like the great one and his son", a reference to Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee, who died shortly before the release of the game, although these references were removed in the revised localization of the Game Boy Advance version of the game. His alternate costume in Street Fighter IV resembles Bruce Lee's outfit in Enter the Dragon. His Ultra combo in Street Fighter IV is a series of flurry punches into an uppercut followed by a flying kick which resembles a signature technique of Bruce Lee. Fei Long has been given a new Ultra combo in Super Street Fighter IV which furthers the homage to Bruce Lee by performing a flurry of punches ending with the "one inch punch."
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  • Feilong KOFA
  • Feilong KOFA

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22nd August 2016 at 23:47
ˇThis Feilong Looks Awesome!