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Downloads: [18+] Wang Pairon

[18+] Wang Pairon

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May 11, 2019
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This is a 18+ edit of Pairon, this was not easy for me to do, with basically no experience in fighter factory. Plus not to mention the way this character was "coded" is unique and annoying for editing. However it is a amazing character! I hope you enjoy the edit, I've made it mostly compatible I think! There is a glitch that involves her sound when "grabbed" I couldn't fix and at the end of day wasn't a deal breaker for me, hopefully someday ill be able to update my post and ill figure out how to fix it. Please leave a comment of what you think. Characters states has not been tweaked, all I've done was made her 18+ sprites. Tested on some 18+ characters, some seem very compatible , others not as much.
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  • [18+] Wang Pairon
  • [18+] Wang Pairon

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