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Downloads: AI Patches by Me

AI Patches by Me

Uploaded by 8th July 2017
Author Author Hyde233
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moar patches

Patches included:

- Hunter Killer by Smoke (Only slightly more difficult than default AI, but at least he won't spam projectiles excessively)
- Mahoro by Nipa3008 (Original patch by simon99514, edited by me to use more hypers. This has some bugs that I can't seem to fix.)
- Mahoro by KM (Check Mahoro (2) folder)
- Ash by TonyADV, The Pizzaman, Mr.Chainsaw & Vegetto (Should work with all DEF files)
- CVS Aprile by 26824628
- CVS Decapre by 26824628
- CVS Enero by 26824628
- CVS Fevrier by 26824628
- CVS Marz by 26824628
- CVS Noembelu by 26824628
- CVS Santamu by 26824628
- CVS Satuki by 26824628
- CVS Xiayu by 26824628
- CVS Yanyu by 26824628
- Fate Testarossa by Minaduki (Versiondate 3,05,2009, Slight revamp of the default AI)
- Fate Testarossa by Minaduki (Versiondate 10,31,2013, Slight revamp of the default AI)
- Firebrand by Acey (Not exactly a great patch...)
- Chizuru&Maki_G by GeorgeW (Minor modifications made then AI generator used)
- Arthur by Acey (Slight revamp of pre-existing AI)
- Mikuru by minoo
- Sunfire by Pazitivvv & Arkady (Versiondate 03/05/2013, modified pre-existing AI)
- Hawkeye2 by Nicotinefist & Arkady (Versiondate 12/12/2012, modified pre-existing AI)
- Sauron by Skorpophobia, cultistofvertigo, and LordShade67
- Suiseiseki by Drowin3

Chizuru&Maki's AI for the most part was created using this AI generator because I'm lazy:




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