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Tomar Tu

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14th March 2017
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Tomar-Tu is a member a the Green Lantern corps. He is a tall, well-muscled humanoid alien with reddish-orange skin and a partially bald head. Other distinguishing features include a fish fin running down the center of his head, lupine ears and a bird‘s beak for a mouth.

This is an edit of the character originally released by Iron-Angelus and Emerald-Knight. With the permission of Iron-Angelus I modified the character as follows:
1) adapted to the EoH template from mugen infinity team
2) implemented constructs which were more avian-like and aquatic-like. Just to avoid having the same lantern char over and over again.
3) Power does not increase by hitting or being hit, but only by charging the lantern through taunt
4) the character has 4 special moves. Although these moves can be initiated with power = 0, the damage is proportional to the power level
5) the character has 4 hyper moves, which can be initiated only with power > 1000. The damage is proportional to the power level. (PS - One of the hyper moves is explicitly inspired to the new injustice 2 moves from hal jordan - at least according to the video releases).
6) the character has 1 grab move. It takes the head of the opponent and smashes it against an construct wall behind. The more you key-press, the more the opponent's head is hit. This move is inspired by a Hal Jordan move in Injustice 1
7) the character has 1 throw move.
8) Weakness to yellow lanterns. If the opponent is Sinestro, Parallax, Arkillo or Superboy Prime (the last two in the hope that the characters will be eventually created), there are some penalties.
9) Blue supercharge. If the opponent is Saint Walker, there are bonuses.

This is my first character EVER. I'm sure it is full of bugs, and I welcome feedback/suggestions.
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Fernando Martins
Banned from uploading
23rd March 2017 at 14:20
Ficou ótimo !!!
New Challenger
14th March 2017 at 23:06
cool one, gonna try out!