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Downloads: AI Patches for Kishio's Characters

AI Patches for Kishio's Characters

Uploaded by 18th May 2016
Author Author ouchi, seizi
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I'm not entirely sure who the authors are, although I'm fairly certain that Jagyuta's patch was made by seizi and Miduma's and Lehyu's patches were made by ouchi. I am unable to find a patch for Eharu, nor am I even able to find any information for one in the first place, so I doubt there's a patch for her in the first place. Jagyuta, Miduma, and Lehyu were first released in 2009/2010 (I think) while Eharu was released in 2013, which might could be why there isn't a patch for her.

The patches should work with the three characters uploaded here on this website, despite the versions being mismatched (Lehyu's and Jagyuta's patches are newer than the characters on here while Miduma's patch is older than the character on here). I think that might could be why the patches went offline, although they work fine anyways.


Edit (June 8, 2016): At the time that I uploaded this pack, I could not find an AI patch for Eharu. Smalltime eventually found a patch and uploaded it in another pack here:
The patch makes Eharu AI only, however.




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New Challenger
5th March 2018 at 21:16
@Hyde233 Thanks
5th March 2018 at 19:21
@Lalox To apply the patch, put the folder inside Jagyuta's folder and replace the DEF file with the seizi_ai.def file.
New Challenger
5th March 2018 at 16:26
As now I can download the patches, I can explain in more detail, inside the Jagyuta_AI folder there are 3 files called, Seizi_AI, read me and Seizi_AI.def, what I did was to extract the files that are inside the Seizi_AI folder and place them in the jagyuta main folder, because in the Seizi_AI folder there are files with the name jagyuta, and when entering a fight, that error comes out of the clone.
New Challenger
3rd March 2018 at 01:07
@Hyde233 I think it's that version that you put in the link, since I remember having downloaded jagyuta in this site, but when I put the ai to jagyuta it changes the name to one of the files, removing the name of jagyuta, if I remember correctly , because I put the patch on him a long time ago
3rd March 2018 at 00:46
@Lalox I just tested it and it seems to work fine. What version of Jagyuta are you using? It should be compatible with the one here on MA: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...jagyuta-kishio
New Challenger
2nd March 2018 at 23:30
Eharu,Lehyu and Miduma have very good AI, but, Jagyuta has a bug, when I patched his AI, the bug is that when I start a fight with jagyuta, a clone comes out and I do not know why, why does that happen?
21st February 2018 at 00:23
New Challenger
20th February 2018 at 04:24