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Uploaded by 16th July 2009
Author Author DOBUROKU
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Neco-Arc by DOBUROKU
Version 1.00a

Last modified 2008/10/10
1673 frames, 12 palettes
Power bar integrated

Note: I have added a button swap definition to match ⑨ buttons map

BIO: Neco-Arc (ネコアルク, Neko-Aruku, romanized by French Bread as "neco" rather than "neko" for "cat") is a pint-size cat girl parody of Arcueid Brunestud, who acts as the mascot character of Type-Moon.

Her largest role is in the Melty Blood series, where she initially appears as a non-playable mini-boss. She is a playable character as of Melty Blood Re-ACT and its sequels.

Neko-Arc is referred to as the "work of Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg" according to Aoko Aozaki, suggesting she was brought from another world, but it is also said that she is a rumor brought forth by TATARI.
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  • Neco-Arc
  • Neco-Arc

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Emília human doll
Decent Fighter
18th December 2019 at 15:49
Thanks for sharing, i used to like her a lot but not know the history sinse now :D
Victoria Everglot
8th October 2018 at 17:20
Está cool.