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Mileena (MK3)

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May 03, 2020
Author Author juano16
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Hey everyone!

This is probably the best, more complete, game accurate and less glitchy edit of MK3 Mileena you will find (and believe me; I've looked all around).
juano16 did a fantastic job with her. Good animations, sounds and ballance. The AI is great as well, being quite brutal, but not cheap at all; also, differently from other MK chars who hardly use their finisher moves, this Mileena ALWAYS does a Fatality, Brutality, etc, when she wins the match (at least when facing other MK chars)

Ok, so what's new from the previous upload of this Mileena? Well, I just did some small edits, in order to make the char more aesthetic.
First of, I changed the load and victory screen portraits for cleaner, better looking portraits.
Second, I removed the thing where, everytime Mileena was defeated, Shao Kahn would show up and start pointing and laughting at her; what I personaly thought was kinda weird.
Finally, I gave her victory screen some of her quotes from the MK games.

That's basically it! Hope you people like it!
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  • Mileena (MK3)
  • Mileena (MK3)
  • Mileena (MK3)

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