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Rotten Core

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Decent Fighter
27th February 2017
Author Author Tabris666
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A quite simple screenpack i made a while ago.
Well a screenpack i made when team aidzzi tried to get sponsors and made a post on niichan (futaba channel) to prove that what they were doing was a scam.
And i proved succesufully that it was a scam,after i posted here the comment that the german loli new original exclusive char (it was original but was a niichan mugen char) was a futaba channnel char team aiduzzi changed their indiegogo page and replaced two of the chars by new ones (the one that looks exactly as an edit of Hanzo from Yatagarasu)
Well the lifebar is not the same as the one they showed because the link on futaba channel was dead (yes the lifebars they have are quite old and from a japanese bbs) so i used the Mortal Kombat lifebars by H-loader.
The chars you are aware of who made those so i wont say their name.
Reshade setup made by me so you will need a higher end pc.
The screenpack is made by me.
The stages are made by me.
I could have made the screenpack as they did but this was a rushed up stuff to show the point it was a scam,the gameplay they wanted to use is a simple recode of the common1.cns i have one that is a reproduction of the kof96 gameplay so for this one i wanted to use the asuka 120% gameplay but i prefer to keep that common1.cns to myself so is the default one.
The reason of why is double zipped is because this site dont allow 7zip files.
This was made on mugen 1.1 the shaders are customized so it have that retro look of old arcade games the pics arent edited
The people clicking the "I dont like it" button is probably team aiduzzi because i proved that was a scam (because in one day i made almost evrything and posted it on niichan),or people that got scammed thinking that team aiduzzi was doing something original either way this proves that was a scam.



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  • Rotten Core

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New Challenger
19th April 2017 at 16:01
There was a IndieGogo campaign with they collaborate with Elecbyte but never saw the light of day.
Check out Elecbyte's twitter page for more details
Decent Fighter
27th February 2017 at 02:55
Yes i worked on that one to take advantage of 32 bit RGB color this was because i had to make something with a standard wile is quite simple,everything is in 720p 32 bit RGB color in the screenpack,the chars and the lifebars are 8 bit ,the stages are 8 bit but they are 720p i wanted an almost professional game just to show my point.
27th February 2017 at 02:37
Only in 1.1?