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Downloads: OPGPC Boa Hancock

OPGPC Boa Hancock

Uploaded by 12th February 2017
Author Author Bandai
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Another sprite set this time of Boa Hancock from the 3ds game One Piece Great Pirate Colosseum.
The size of the pic is the default size of each sprite in other words each sprite is the same size as HR chars default sprite size so you can make some really good chars with those sprites and i made the comparisson with KOFXIII sprite size and they are almost the same size.
The size applies to the sprite sets of OPGPC that i uploaded.



  • OPGPC Boa Hancock

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13th February 2017 at 08:03
Just wait and maybe someone will make her,it could be the first HR normal size one piece char.
The sprites i posted have the size to be made on HR like the KOFXIII now we have to wait
infinite kusanagi
13th February 2017 at 03:34
jeez for a second there I thought that the snake waifu was made into a non chibi character lol its still good to have the sprites tho