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AI (Artificial intelligence)

AI (Artificial intelligence)
AI patches to increase the difficulty of a character in Arcade Mode 908

Graphics patches

Graphics patches


Sprite packs

Sprite packs

For intros, endings, credits, etc... 724
Sound packs

Sound packs
For sound effects packs, voice packs, snd patches, etc...
Do not post BGM files here.

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Super Smash Bros System Mugen 1.1 Pinned File Super Smash Bros System Mugen 1.1 (K.Y-Shanxi) : ssbfm11b1 :huh: https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v =85xMCHmemow Note : this is more than a skin as it alters the game system, that's why it requires a manual modification (piece of code to paste)... ... [more] (11.80 MB) 19th February 2015 21224 / 2,286 54
(@w@/)/1.0Patch (cns) (@[email protected]/)/1.0Patch (cns) (2580shota, Patched...) : The long awaited 3rd Donald patch is finally here. The only patched folder (cns) was uploaded due to file size limitations. Original Author: 2580shota (NOTE: If the original author wants this to... ... [more] (104.6 KB) 21st March 2020 185 / 14 0
IKEMEN GO Plus Ultimate v0.5.1 IKEMEN GO Plus Ultimate v0.5.1 (Wintermourn) : IKEMEN GO Plus Ultimate is a mod of IKEMEN GO Plus by K4thos that adds and changes a handful of features. IKEMEN GO Plus can be downloaded at https://ci.appveyor.com/p roject/Windblade-GR01/ike... ... [more] (79.7 KB) 9th February 2020 655 / 95 2
IKEMEN GO Plus Ultimate v0.5 IKEMEN GO Plus Ultimate v0.5 (Wintermourn) : ⚠️ This version is likely broken due to a mistake in the code. Download a more recent version instead. IKEMEN GO Plus Ultimate is a mod of IKEMEN GO Plus by K4thos that adds and changes a handful... ... [more] (79.8 KB) 9th February 2020 227 / 19 2
IKEMEN GO Plus Ultimate v0.4 IKEMEN GO Plus Ultimate v0.4 (Wintermourn) : IKEMEN GO Plus Ultimate is a mod of IKEMEN GO Plus by K4thos that adds and changes a handful of features. IKEMEN GO Plus can be downloaded at https://ci.appveyor.com/p roject/Windblade-GR01/ike... ... [more] (77.3 KB) 8th February 2020 513 / 46 4
Wolverine vs. Magneto Patch Wolverine vs. Magneto Patch (pm58790) : A customized patch by me for Froz's Wolverine against Infinite's Magneto. Link for Froz's Wolverine: http://www.trinitymugen.n et/forum/index.php?action =tpmod;dl=item438 (9.61 MB) 2nd February 2020 155 / 8 0
Mega Patch Mega Patch (Tanic2019) : The new "Mega Patch*" has been released by yours truly! Contains 5 updated characters (you must have the latest version of the characters to patch them), several unreleased stages with some MIDIs and... ... [more] (20.46 MB) 1st February 2020 245 / 11 4
Peketo (D13 kinda fixed) Peketo (D13 kinda fixed) (Andrés Borghi) : I don´t know if someone uploaded this,correct me if i`m wrong So everyone knows Peketo`s Dementia 13 crashes MUGEN. I discovered a solution by modifiying the dementia 13 section of Peketo`s AIR and... ... [more] (8.77 MB) 6th January 2020 293 / 24 0
Po Kung Fu Panda (Modification #2) Po Kung Fu Panda (Modification #2) (kidthunder, Edited...) : This is the most recommended for edited char po kung fu panda by kidthunder. There are only .cmd .cns .air files :acute: :gamer: (21.8 KB) 25th December 2019 264 / 15 0
Violence Donald 1.0 Patch Violence Donald 1.0 Patch (DJgreek) :  (10.8 KB) 25th December 2019 217 / 18 1
Super Mario Balance Patch Super Mario Balance Patch (Baby Bonnie Hood) : A patch for ShinRyoga's Super Mario (mugenarchive.com/forums/ downloads.php?do=file& ;id=14052-super-mario-shi nryoga-neoankh) that makes him more balanced and notably makes his AI weaker. To... ... [more] (42.2 KB) 26th November 2019 367 / 70 2
AnkoAsuFE (NEOGEO style)  [V.3.3] AnkoAsuFE (NEOGEO style) [V.3.3] (ankokuasura) : WIN MUGEN TAG SYSTEM 2008 (15.24 MB) 14th November 2019 167 / 5 0
Charlie CVS/POTS (Resized) Charlie CVS/POTS (Resized) (POTS) : Charlie has a SF3-ish big size in the game. So I changed it in the cns file to match with other cvs chars. It works on both shinsmoke and shinrei edit Just Replace the cns file thats all! and... ... [more] (1.1 KB) 8th November 2019 301 / 8 0
Asuna.ExE (Mugen 1.0) Asuna.ExE (Mugen 1.0) (Sennou-Room,...) : SFF file converted to mugen 1.0 for Asuna.ExE. To play with Asuna.ExE in Mugen 1.0, simply replace the SFF file. https://mugenarchi ve.com/forums/downloads.p hp?do=file&id=110531-... (6.41 MB) 30th October 2019 651 / 77 0
Q (CVS/POTS) Resized Q (CVS/POTS) Resized (Mr.Ansatsuken) : Replace the cns file. Thats It! https://youtu.be/OJ5 rF0ij_7M (1.8 KB) 6th October 2019 375 / 35 0
Random Mugen Effects Random Mugen Effects (LordeGhoul) : CREDITS TO THE CREATOR OF THESE EFFECTS!! :D Whoever it is! lol I found this by searching the internet for a bit, and I figured I'd share it here. What's included: Mostly hitspark... ... [more] (1.42 MB) 29th July 2019 728 / 135 1
3D Android 17 & 18 patch 3D Android 17 & 18 patch (Colosse) : Quick CNS & AIR file patch for Android 17 & 18 character from DBZ 3D chars section. Now effects & some colisions boxes are more adapted to character's sprites ^^ (46.9 KB) 24th July 2019 376 / 14 0
Mugen Blood MK Style Patch Mugen Blood MK Style Patch (Gui Santos) : English: Blood Mortal Kombat style for your mugen, just replace the files "fightfx.air" and "fightfx.sff" in the "Data" folder and voilà this patch is already installed. Spanish: S angre estilo... ... [more] (2.07 MB) 26th June 2019 723 / 167 2
MKP Code for Chars MKP Code for Chars (???) : :smile::smile:../data/MKP /pit.st:smile::smile: (79.0 KB) 21st June 2019 315 / 45 0
Galaxy Hyper Background Galaxy Hyper Background (SUPERFERNANDOXT) : https://images-wixmp-ed30 a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixm p.com/f/885ba67e-2268-4d8 6-a1f9-5aac689d48e7/dd5yg 9q-5a9fe72c-be57-4393-855 e-75420b0c6137.gif?token= eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciO... ... [more] (4.79 MB) 2nd May 2019 549 / 61 1
[18+] tohnno shiki cmd (OUTDATED) [18+] tohnno shiki cmd (OUTDATED) (ShuseFanMiku) : :uhuh:OUTDATED For The Day:mega_shock: (5.4 KB) 2nd May 2019 1649 / 130 7
M.I.C.A. Screenpack 11094 Slots M.I.C.A. Screenpack 11094 Slots (Gokinero) : original screenpack author=OLDGAM ER https://oldgamermug encreation.weebly.com/my- screenpack.html I just edit for getting more slots you can hold about 11,904 chars ( You can instert hidden... ... [more] (6.63 MB) 24th April 2019 722 / 93 10
Thanos (Edit) HOTFIX Thanos (Edit) HOTFIX (Kaiser phoenix) : There was a bug that was causing the Super Move "Deviant Star" not to work properly in both Mugen versions (1.0 and 1.1). This is a quick fix for the bug in both Mugen versions. If you find anymore... ... [more] (115.4 KB) 11th April 2019 1048 / 111 9
PM Counters for Smash Mod PM Counters for Smash Mod (The Rocking Goomba...) : These are edited counter's for K.Y-Shanxi's Smash Mod, that make them resemble Project M's lifebars. These don't work with Tag Team mode, so be aware of that. I'm not 100% sure if these belong... ... [more] (161.7 KB) 30th March 2019 483 / 45 0
Amaterasu UMvC3 Beta: Anim Patch Amaterasu UMvC3 Beta: Anim Patch (shanri (patch by...) : Amaterasu Beta: Animation Patch (March 8, 2019). Char link: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=109216-umvc3-a materasu-beta-shanri T his patch speeds up most of Ammy's... ... [more] (13.28 MB) 14th March 2019 877 / 109 5
KitanaiNinjya-T Patch KitanaiNinjya-T Patch (warpstar) : SFF patch that significantly reduces the character file size (~36 MB difference). For character version 1.1 (have not tested on 1.2) Character link: https://mugenarchive.com/... (79.95 MB) 3rd March 2019 216 / 4 0
Patches by Yamabe Yuji Patches by Yamabe Yuji (Yamabe Yuji) : Includes patches for the following characters: BocoBoco by Tokinokuni-kei (arrange mode) Jibber by Tamago Kanten (arrange mode) Hory Marlu by Taruse (bug fix) (730.6 KB) 2nd March 2019 196 / 4 0
Ika Musume Patch Ika Musume Patch (warpstar) : AIR and SFF Patch that reduces the character's file size. Character link: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=13951-ika-musu me-drowin (1.12 MB) 28th February 2019 518 / 95 1
Miu Kurosaki Effect Patch Miu Kurosaki Effect Patch (Doruzi) : AI Patch that adds hitsparks and hitsounds. Character link (will overwrite the newer AI patch): https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=100886-miu-kur osaki-ai-patched-memuu (2.67 MB) 26th February 2019 323 / 29 0
DOS conversion patches by Ayustat DOS conversion patches by Ayustat (Ayustat) : Set of conversion patches for DOS-exclusive characters to work on newer Mugen versions. Gradriel by KEITARO Yagumo by KEITARO Athena Asamiya '97 by KEITARO Apocalypse by overlander Mech-Gouki... ... [more] (2.27 MB) 26th February 2019 239 / 11 0
Command patch for minoo's chars Command patch for minoo's chars (ikusabe) : Set of CMD patches that changes the commands of minoo's Touhou characters from 6-button gameplay to one that is more accurate to Touhou Hisouten (without the spell card system) Due to the vast... ... [more] (88.1 KB) 23rd February 2019 265 / 13 0
Super V Dash lifebar icons edits Super V Dash lifebar icons edits (Dreamstalker Games) : Super V Dash: Rainbow Edition Lifebars: battle icons set. Super V Dash: Rainbow Edition Lifebars: Íconos de batalla. You can use these image files to make your char look part of the game. ... ... [more] (39.5 KB) 23rd February 2019 315 / 21 0
Shion Grappler patch Shion Grappler patch (エス) : Patch for Juke Kisaragi's Shion that gives compatibilty with Grappler Shiki's moves when paired with in simul mode. Shion character link: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f... ... [more] (33.4 KB) 19th February 2019 248 / 14 0
Mega-Emperor Patch Mega-Emperor Patch (hahya5) : Patch for Mega-Emperor that gives it the following properties: · Change life to 4500 · Change power to 5000 · Intro addition at the start of arcade mode · Add color palette ... [more] (1.56 MB) 14th February 2019 254 / 12 0
Shin Tank-Reimu patch Shin Tank-Reimu patch (hahya5) : Patch for otto's Tank-Reimu that makes it even cheaper (add as tank-reimu/tank-reimu_S.d ef) Character link: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=22400-tank-rei mu-otto (934.5 KB) 14th February 2019 176 / 8 0
Destroyed K.O Destroyed K.O (gearoid97) : It just replaces k.o with destroyed. (425.3 KB) 13th February 2019 349 / 21 1
Ikemen plus select edit Ikemen plus select edit (MetalMusicMusicAweso...) : This is a patch for the Select for Ikemen Plus by Suehiro and heres the link: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=75493-ikemen-p lus-suehiro this will help you put more... ... [more] (3.0 KB) 4th February 2019 1632 / 207 1
SvC SND for Vyn's Terry SvC SND for Vyn's Terry (MightyKombat) : Author's comments: Includes slightly altered state files, new SND and 2 extra ports. One's a winport you can use with Jesuszilla's MFJ screenpack. Uploader's comments: I didn't see this on the... ... [more] (2.26 MB) 2nd February 2019 239 / 9 0
MightyKombat's patch for POTS Geese MightyKombat's patch for POTS Geese (MightyKombat) : Author's comments: "This one takes me back. It was my old patch for POTS' Geese that changes his voice to the one from SNK vs Capcom: Chaos. I had a soft spot for that for some reason. I also... ... [more] (3.26 MB) 2nd February 2019 326 / 14 0
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