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CvTW Sonic the Hedgehog

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22nd April 2017
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-Item Box - S Button
-Sonic jumps up and an item box appears. The item he gets is random (though some are rarer than others). Some items give Sonic access to new abilities and special moves. The different items and their effects are described at the end of this move list.


Spin Attack - Press D during forward run
-Just like in the Sonic games! Press D while running to transition into a spinning ball attack.

Insta-Shield - D+HP in air
-Sonic's attack introduced in Sonic 3. Very brief attack frame, but complete invincibility during the active frame and absorbs projectiles.


-Spin Dash - QCF+P, mash P for Extra Hits
-Sonic does his classic spin dash attack. Pressing P several times at the beginning makes Sonic rev up more, which adds hits and distance to the dash. The LP version can't be revved up, but has less start-up and has different hit properties.

-Sonic Slash - DP+K
-Sonic performs a quick anti-air Spin Attack. Got the idea from MugenHunter's version of Sonic. Button pressed effects the angle.

-Homing Attack - DP+P (on the ground) or QCF+P (in the air)
-Sonic performs his Homing Attack. The name is a litttle misleading however. The HP version is a true Homing Attack, but has more start-up and recovery than the LP version. The LP version has less start-up and recovery, but travels at a set angle (and thus doesn't really home in on the opponent).

-Light Speed Dash - HCB+HK
-Sonic dashes very quickly from one side of the screen to the other, and if he passes by a non-guarding opponent, they are momentarily dizzied. This is primarily to give Sonic an opportunity to use an Item Box since it can be hard to find time in the heat of battle.

-Light Speed Loop - HCB+LK
-Sonic dashes back, up and around the screen to the other side. Strictly a teleport-type of move.


L1 - Sonic Spinball (aka Maximum Sonic) - QCB+S
-Sonic bounces wildly all over the screen (mostly in back-and-forth horizontal motions). When he hits the walls, you hear the pinball sound effect. Very useful super, but sometimes does unreliable damage due to the random nature of the bounces.

L1 - Item Super - QCF+S
-Several of Sonic's items give him access to a new Super Move. Explained below. Using your Item Super uses up the item.

L1 - Blue Tornado - DP+S
-Sonic spins around so fast that he creates a big vortex that sucks in his opponent.

L3 - Super Sonic - RDP+S
-Sonic turns into Super Sonic, flies backwards off screen, and delivers several back-and-forth dashing attacks. Completely invincible during the move.
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  • CvTW Sonic the Hedgehog
  • CvTW Sonic the Hedgehog

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3rd January 2019 at 07:54
In my honest opinion, this is the sprite of Sonic in Mugen, there's so many Sonic the Hedgehogs. The main reason why I picked this one was because it looked good. The character was a bit underpowered when I first played it, but after a few minutes, man the character can combo well. I'd give this character a 8/10, it's not perfect, but it's quite good.

24th July 2018 at 18:57
Repack merged.

24th July 2018 at 18:52
I'm 100% sure this is here already.
New Challenger
8th December 2017 at 21:23
New Challenger
3rd August 2017 at 02:41
Best Sonic

25th June 2017 at 11:17
Best sprite of Sonic on mugen.
New Challenger
21st May 2017 at 14:32
thank you powerew
22nd April 2017 at 15:05
Guay que Buennn Sonic, que buena onda painlessmango.