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Downloads: Aiolia JUS Update

Aiolia JUS Update

Uploaded by 12th May 2017
Author Author Shadow Mercer
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Patch note:

- Spark of hit.
- Saint Seiya characters have new damage base in normal move. (Ex: A,B,C)
- Dio, Jotaro, Kenshin, Kenshiro, damage ajusted.
- Air dash limited for one time.
- Musou Tensei mode Kenshiro have new aura.
- Shiryu Have a new "Rozan Hyaku ryu Ha". ( D,DB,B,C).
- errors and Bugs solved. (Ex: Kenshiro unhited in Juji Zan air).

PS: I make this patch for playing with other characters in same conditions our maybe. :C
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  • Aiolia JUS Update
  • Aiolia JUS Update

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Decent Fighter
20th January 2019 at 16:16
I have to say it's SM's SS chars that brought me back to Mugen's world. It's just like Microcosmos' SS creations first brought me into mugen's world many years ago! Thanks a lot for sharing these great works! I think these chars can be called PERFECT!!!
New Challenger
2nd October 2017 at 23:19
One of the most powerful gold saints in a perfect fit for Mugen. Good job. I hope to see more of your own. For example: a Virgo Shaka would be interesting.