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Destiny Dio Playable Pinned File Destiny Dio Playable (悪咲3号氏+41氏+吉鲁氏+huate/...) : Playable version of Destiny Dio with bug fixes in the code. 《命 运迪奥 dio_destiny》 *A I update *Please read the whole description! *Only the Destiny.Dio's Special Mode(7P-10P), Final Mode(11P),... ... [more] (77.83 MB) 2nd December 2019 3435 / 902 11
Final Dio Brando Pinned File Final Dio Brando (Warusaki3) : Dio's main form during the latter half of the DIO's World story arc, often called his 'High' or 'Awakened' form. Dio nears his physical peak after draining Joseph Joestar's blood. His appearance now... ... [more] (3.43 MB) 30th July 2009 67955 / 28,130 224
Jotaro Kujo Pinned File Jotaro Kujo (Warusaki3) : Features: Stand bar, JoJoBa announcer, Explodes BIO: Jotaro Kujo (Stand: Star Platinum) When Joseph Joestar's grandson first appears, Jotaro is turning himself in to the police because he... ... [more] (3.22 MB) 30th July 2009 122170 / 48,512 366
Shadow Dio Pinned File Shadow Dio (Warusaki3) : Shadow Dio (Stand: None) Based on Dio when he is seen bathed in the shadows of his mansion, the version of him can be quite powerful. Shadow Dio does not have a visible face as an effect of the... ... [more] (3.00 MB) 30th July 2009 23162 / 8,906 41
Dio Brando Pinned File Dio Brando (Warusaki3) : Features: Stand bar, JoJoBa announcer, Explodes BIO: "Za Warudo" "Toki wo tomare" "Kurae!" "Roada rollera da" "WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YYY!" "Muda muda muda muda muda muda muda..." "Soshite toki ga... ... [more] (3.47 MB) 30th July 2009 121206 / 46,138 374
Vanilla Ice (Iced) Pinned File Vanilla Ice (Iced) (Warusaki3) : Last update : 2011/09/07 vanillaice by warusaki3 Features: Stand bar, JoJoBa announcer and explodes Story: Vanil la Ice -also know as Iced in the USA- (Stand: Cream) Dio's most loyal... ... [more] (3.25 MB) 30th April 2009 17347 / 7,309 37
Baoh (unfinished) Baoh (unfinished) (Elecbyte) : remember baoh? well it's back and as a mugen char for now it's a kfm reskin but when i learn to program it will be like htf style supers and specials are inspired from asb (313.3 KB) Today 71 / 4 0
DIO (Anime) DIO (Anime) (Mr.Giang + Warusaki3) : new palettes for both DIO and The World, new sounds, and A can be used for hypers. (17.58 MB) Today 100 / 6 0
Final DIO (Minor Sound Edit) Final DIO (Minor Sound Edit) (Warusaki3+morgansted...) : replaced the muda, taunt, and road roller "WRYY", along with other minor changes. (19.73 MB) Today 63 / 1 0
Master of『世界』 Master of『世界』 (Dniw, edited) : DIO, user of 『世界& #12303;, the immortal stand. Imagine G.E.R, but you pissed him off so much that he called his dad with his belt.:grin: (8.44 MB) Today 280 / 47 2
Yoshikage Kira (Anime) Yoshikage Kira (Anime) (Ü‚č‚ŕ‚Ě, Jake W ...) : I fix some error in the sprites. (12.62 MB) Yesterday 324 / 54 1
Death 13 Anime Voice (Small Update) Death 13 Anime Voice (Small Update) (GOKUHI) : replaced all the damage sounds, the strong hit sounds are much more impactful, and the old one is used for lighter attacks. replaced the sounds for the mini scythes, they now have a sound similar to... (12.19 MB) 23rd January 2020 153 / 18 1
Prosciutto (Anime) Prosciutto (Anime) (Amarimono (Edited...) : A big update to my old Prosciutto edit. (3.14 MB) 22nd January 2020 249 / 53 0
Final Dio (P2 Stand Gauge Fix) Final Dio (P2 Stand Gauge Fix) (Warusaki3) : Last time i uploaded a fixed version of the original jotaro char with all the bux fixed, and i decided to do the same with final dio so here it is i fixed the p2 stand bar and the muda muda loop and... ... [more] (3.48 MB) 22nd January 2020 156 / 33 1
Death 13 (Mediocre Anime Voice) Death 13 (Mediocre Anime Voice) (GOKUHI (Edited by...) : a small update has been released. replaced the voices, and weapon sounds. added some unused audio clips for intros vs kakyoin and polnareff, because i'm nowhere near skilled enough to program them... ... [more] (11.63 MB) 22nd January 2020 201 / 12 3
Jonathan Joestar and the Passion Jonathan Joestar and the Passion (yukami, edited) : I edited Old Joseph to have Jonathan sprites since DIO used his would-be stand which is similar to Hermit Purple, however I don't know if I will finish it. (3.70 MB) 21st January 2020 394 / 43 9
Jotaro (P2 Stand Gauge Fix) Jotaro (P2 Stand Gauge Fix) (Warusaki3) : So i noticed that the Warusaki3 jotaro chars has a few bugs like the p2 Stand Gauge and the Ora Ora loop so i fixed all the bugs in this version, added three new palletes a Jump Force Palette, a... ... [more] (3.38 MB) 21st January 2020 241 / 59 1
Alessi (Anime) Alessi (Anime) (Nimame (Edited by...) :  (7.42 MB) 21st January 2020 269 / 53 1
Giorno Resound V2 Giorno Resound V2 (Mr. Giang) : sorry about the wait, couldn't post during the community weekend, but there's more sounds and stuff. i think this may be the final version, not too sure yet. (37.55 MB) 20th January 2020 436 / 92 1
Death 13 (Anime) Death 13 (Anime) (GOKUHI (Edited by...) :  (2.66 MB) 19th January 2020 425 / 54 1
Enyaba (Anime) Enyaba (Anime) (Corntortillas...) :  (5.62 MB) 17th January 2020 407 / 85 5
Giorno Giovanna(1.0, Anime Resound) Giorno Giovanna(1.0, Anime Resound) (Mr.Giang) : V2 IS NOW OUT Replaced hit sounds, requiem transformation and music, along with various other sounds. QCF/QCB + A can be used for the hypers, and back + B for counters. QCF + B will preform... ... [more] (34.94 MB) 17th January 2020 643 / 75 8
Weather Report (Heavily updated) Weather Report (Heavily updated) ((Smartplus50 +...) : Yo guys I finally finished remaking Weather Report and boy I have added a lot of things in this character that i am too lazy to type everything out so please do check out my change on Weather... ... [more] (5.66 MB) 17th January 2020 775 / 166 9
Fkukage Dio Fkukage Dio (S.Y) : This Fkukage Dio is the last version made by S.Y. If you like to control the character to play M.U.G.E.N, you can have a good feeling to control it. And there are a lot of details that S.Y made in... ... [more] (12.09 MB) 17th January 2020 421 / 54 6
Master of G.E.R. Master of G.E.R. (Dniw) :  (9.75 MB) 16th January 2020 569 / 114 3
DIO: The Greatest High DIO: The Greatest High (Warusaki3 (Edited...) : You can also call this the improved final DIO. I decided that I'll start improving existing characters. To make the job easier I used TheMasterFlippy 's version of final DIO because it was pretty... ... [more] (10.25 MB) 15th January 2020 595 / 80 4
DIO (Part 6) (Updated!) DIO (Part 6) (Updated!) (Ditchu (me)) : "Do you believe in gravity...?" DIO Brando, stops the competition! Yes... he's back. And now, with some cool chances that make him stand more from the other DIO's out there... Now with a better... ... [more] (69.36 MB) 15th January 2020 918 / 211 8
Midler (Anime) Midler (Anime) (montana (Edited by...) :  (3.28 MB) 15th January 2020 474 / 84 3
DIO BRANDO English+AI Boss Version DIO BRANDO English+AI Boss Version (Warusaki3) :  (14.65 MB) 14th January 2020 74 / 8 1
Shadow Dio (1st Form Style) Fixed Shadow Dio (1st Form Style) Fixed (Warusaki3 (edited...) : I edited the sprite palettes where you can access his alt palettes, and his alt palettes sprites are now not revert back to 1st color. I changed also the portrait for jjba mugen too. The sounds for... (4.61 MB) 14th January 2020 289 / 37 0
DIO (Color separation) (Warusaki3) DIO (Color separation) (Warusaki3) (Warusaki3) : The original DIO with color separation, also fixed the stand gauge. (11.80 MB) 12th January 2020 333 / 46 0
dire dire (Damaylor M) : damaylor's dire but i improved some animations,make 2 palletes and made a color separation (75.0 KB) 11th January 2020 368 / 65 6
DIO (Color separation) DIO (Color separation) (Amarimono & Mr....) : The hair and the roda rolla da now is separated, plus i edit the pals, (10.79 MB) 11th January 2020 343 / 39 1
Noriaki Kakyoin (Anime) Noriaki Kakyoin (Anime) (Izumo, edited by me...) : A subtle edit, but made together. Naza15 separated his eyes and earrings, and me, I put the buttons on his uniform. Join to the JJBA MUGEN Discord server: https://discord.gg/YuekPm H (6.05 MB) 8th January 2020 755 / 268 6
Dio Brando (Phantom Blood) Dio Brando (Phantom Blood) (0011, sprite edit...) : Well, this is my first edit and it doesn't have changes at all. (The original: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=127015-dio-pb- anime-leaked-myself-0011- iver-stone) The... ... [more] (32.21 MB) 8th January 2020 867 / 188 5
Prosciutto Prosciutto (Dniw) :  (3.74 MB) 7th January 2020 446 / 45 3
Dio PB - Anime (leaked by myself) Dio PB - Anime (leaked by myself) (0011, edited by...) : Happy New Year! this is a gift from me to all. It was made for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure M.U.G.E.N Proyect BETA 3 (W.I.P), but now i upload it with only 2 palettes for the moment, enjoy :grin: P.S:... (17.94 MB) 7th January 2020 631 / 105 12
Anubis Polnareff (With Anime Voice) Anubis Polnareff (With Anime Voice) (Warusaki3 + JakeW...) : Hi booyysssss happy 2020 , it's me again with my last edit with Black Polnareff or Anubis Polnareff , the voices is ripped by the game "Diamond Records" (R.I.P) (3.59 MB) 7th January 2020 441 / 135 3
Bruno Bucciarati Anime Voice Update Bruno Bucciarati Anime Voice Update (Amarimono & Mr....) : Just an update of the voice. Now it has (mostly) anime voice. Version 1.1 only. If this not working, you just need to replace your .snd file with this .snd file only (15.29 MB) 6th January 2020 450 / 97 0
Narancia Ghirga Narancia Ghirga (Sonicplushnexus21...) : I Edited a character, Narancia... because the first one that i downloaded was broken. (2.83 MB) 5th January 2020 617 / 70 3
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