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Lovely Girl (Instrumental) Lovely Girl (Instrumental) (Árvai-Illés Emese,...) : We did this Cover like 3 Years ago, usually we wanted to add Vocals, but as we forget about it`s existance we just leave it like this. https://www.yout ube.com/watch?v=khXT94FWv 9E (13.13 MB) 18th July 2017 132 / 6 3
Like A Romeo (Instrumental) Like A Romeo (Instrumental) (Myself) : Now this is my last Instrumental Upload for the next Weeks, hope you like it. In it`s Original Version this one has Lyrics and Vocals written by myself, same as Rythms and Synth. But since i don`t... ... [more] (6.22 MB) 1st July 2017 105 / 6 3
Dance oh little missy Dance oh little missy (V.Cool/Dr.Jones) : Original Titel : Tanz mein kleines Fräulein Additional Drums by Doctor Jones As this Song is pretty dirty and fucking sexual you Guys should dance :angel_not::laugh: As always of course no Vocals... ... [more] (3.98 MB) 25th June 2017 141 / 6 0
About Greed And Liberty About Greed And Liberty (V.Cool/J.Shepherd) : Well this originally a Song using german Vocals and it is called "Von Habgier und Freiheit". It is so pure and made with positive Feelings to come. To me it is one of our best. It is just the the... ... [more] (4.78 MB) 25th June 2017 168 / 7 7
Summer Summer (Limelight) : Big warm Bubbel of positive Summer filled Atmosphere. More Rythm based than the other Songs was and with little Trance influencels (Just the Sort of Tunes) Going Home from Evening in the Big City,... ... [more] (5.01 MB) 13th June 2017 235 / 18 13
sad when you smile sad when you smile (by Cool/Shepherd) : Another Instrumental, again without Guitars and Drums and without the Vocals. Will add some more Things when beeing able, to meet in Studio. Hope you Guys like :smile: You`ll find Details for... ... [more] (4.06 MB) 9th June 2017 146 / 13 4
Quake of Appetite Quake of Appetite (by V.Cool/J.Shepherd) : This is originally named "Triebbeben", cause it`s german Lyrics, so the easiest Translation should be the one i used ?! It is without Vocals, electric Guitars and Drums, just our Synthlines plus... ... [more] (4.37 MB) 8th June 2017 136 / 5 2
Karma by Limelight Karma by Limelight (Limelight) : This Track is another Synth-Instrumental, anot her wich fits really good with different Stages Types ! https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=sh-35K2rPlQ (4.95 MB) 6th June 2017 126 / 8 4
G4M3 0V3R G4M3 0V3R (Celldweller) : From Celldweller's End of an Empire Album is one BADASS Track that litterally reminds one of Video Games in General by how it sounds https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=NdrbZAqU OuA (3.65 MB) 5th June 2017 152 / 7 0
Shout (Blue Stahli Remix) Shout (Blue Stahli Remix) (Scandroid) : One Badass Remix from the Scandroid Remix Album of one Badass Cover of a Tears for Fears Song by the Amazing Scandroid https://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=JEl XPbYZ0A4 https://www... (5.01 MB) 4th June 2017 111 / 6 2
Lazer Pink Lazer Pink (Sunset Neon) : Figured I can see if anyone wishes to use this Badass Track by side project of Blue Stahli known as SUNSET NEON https://www.youtu be.com/watch?v=Cc_J3uzDgZ 4 (3.52 MB) 3rd June 2017 153 / 9 1
Time Bomb by FitnessGlo Time Bomb by FitnessGlo (FitnessGlo) : from my personal taste, don't know if any of you guys like dubstep, but this song could fit any epic fight (I guess) https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=Hyy2ZVeP jTE (6.40 MB) 31st May 2017 110 / 5 0
Sea [by Limelight] Sea [by Limelight] (Limelight) : https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=1eZuRm2q1og&fe ature=youtu.be Band : Limelight Composer : Limelight Style : Synth / Synthisizer / Live Synth [Instrumental] (4.22 MB) 28th May 2017 141 / 8 0
What Is Love [by Limelight] What Is Love [by Limelight] (Limelight) : https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=dRwP6O8PiKU Hi ! This an Instrumental Track [Synthisizer] of a small Band from Belarus. Wonder if anyone here knows...guess Definitly NOT xD I not the owner of... ... [more] (4.95 MB) 26th May 2017 263 / 8 10
samoa joe theme - destroyer samoa joe theme - destroyer (wwe) : cancion de samoa joe de wwe es una buena cancion te hace entrar en modo batalla ajajajja https://www.y outube.com/watch?v=R59NJo yLYcU (3.47 MB) 6th May 2017 157 / 4 2
CPS2 Originals - Steady Webbin' CPS2 Originals - Steady Webbin' (Ultimate Spider) : Tribute to Lil Wayne / Gucci Mane We Be Steady Mobbin' Produced / Remaked by Ultimate Spider Soundfonts Used: Vampire Savior, X-MEN Children of the Atom and Marvel VS Capcom: Clash of the... ... [more] (6.58 MB) 17th March 2017 244 / 5 0
King of Fighters King of Fighters (Del The Funky...) : Actually an Hilarious song not-so Based on the Kof game. m8. https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=oPeqHtXar_4 (7.78 MB) 4th March 2017 322 / 10 0
Perfect Lady Perfect Lady (Made To Move) : Here is a file ready to be played in loop. You can listen to the complete version on YouTube: https://www.y outube.com/watch?v=Dy9PCS v2SxQ (2.82 MB) 27th February 2017 299 / 9 2
Grind (2014 version) Grind (2014 version) (Tangerine Dream) : One of the tracks featured in "Sorcerer" now updated with modern instruments fitting more modern times but without erasing that 80s vibe the track is known for. Preview: https://www.youtube.com/w... ... [more] (12.15 MB) 20th February 2017 158 / 32 2
Irresistible Instrumental Irresistible Instrumental (Fall Out Boy) : My favorite Theme. https://www.youtub e.com/watch?v=yPq9LM_2Jcg (4.39 MB) 19th February 2017 190 / 9 0
Real American Real American (Armcannon remix) : Hulk Hogan's WWF theme as performed by Armcannon https://www.yo utube.com/watch?v=CoouWV0 nFrg (6.62 MB) 14th February 2017 447 / 16 1
I Will Fight | Epic Hybrid I Will Fight | Epic Hybrid (Jonas Koch &...) : https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=VlNMDwXK5Ck (3.62 MB) 4th February 2017 337 / 14 1
Up To You [edit] Up To You [edit] (Topaz) : An edited clip from the song 'Up To You' by Topaz.​[ https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=yCm-fZMrsi4 ]is the sample I used, reverb, echo, tempo change and tempo scaling. Use it for comfy stage music,... ... [more] (1.51 MB) 24th December 2016 300 / 10 1
Winterkill Wings Winterkill Wings (Renard) : Another track by Renard! This for any of hard rock lovers! Its really good for those really intense fights! https://www.yo utube.com/watch?v=YWxI-tI OHK4 (3.99 MB) 6th December 2016 249 / 14 5
Light Emitting Diode Light Emitting Diode (Renard) : An old but sick track I found from one of my favorite recording artists, Renard! Not sure if anyone thought of putting his music on any MUGEN games but never too late to try! I would recommend this... ... [more] (5.39 MB) 6th December 2016 260 / 14 6
Shut Em Down Shut Em Down (Celldweller) : https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=KfHCHgWusHM (2.24 MB) 10th November 2016 186 / 7 1
Living in the Sunlight Living in the Sunlight (Tiny Tim) : "Livin' in the Sunlight, Lovin' in the Moonlight, having a wonderful time." Something I quickly made for my personal MUGEN collection, feel free to use it a Bikini Bottom stage or wherever you... ... [more] (1.72 MB) 9th October 2016 312 / 9 0
Aguas De Março Aguas De Março (Tom Jobim and Elis...) : Well,if you like bossa nova,this is a music to you Ps:Put this on a beach stage,will be cool (3.21 MB) 28th September 2016 325 / 13 2
Genghis Khan Genghis Khan (Iron Mask) : if you are Looking for that Final boss Battle Music or a Rampage theme well you came to the right place https://www.youtub e.com/watch?v=R-W-oGNAhrc :evil: (5.41 MB) 6th September 2016 439 / 15 0
Set To Destroy Set To Destroy (Parkway Drive) : Hey guys, I'm bringing some more metal songs for your mugen stages! Hope you enjoy them! This is Set To Destory by Parkway Drive. I recommend putting these song with stages that have a hellish look. ... ... [more] (1.44 MB) 5th September 2016 389 / 21 2
The Darkest Nights The Darkest Nights (As I Lay Dying) : Great song for epic matches.:eyesroll: (3.54 MB) 24th August 2016 319 / 27 2
Captain Murphy - Evil Grin Captain Murphy - Evil Grin (Captain Murphy (Who...) : A good beat to fight your foes If you dont know how to insert music into the game, I will explain it here as good as I can You go into the sound folder and put the song in there, then you go to... ... [more] (3.86 MB) 12th August 2016 235 / 6 0
One Punch Man - BATTLE!! One Punch Man - BATTLE!! : Soundtrack from the anime One Punch Man. (1.68 MB) 5th August 2016 1223 / 77 0
NBC "Upfront Peacock Open" NBC "Upfront Peacock Open" (Yessian Music) :  (2.40 MB) 26th July 2016 305 / 8 0
It's a fine day | Trance | Dj Onyx It's a fine day | Trance | Dj Onyx (Dj Onyx) : It's A Fine Day - DJ Onyx Remix I just love trance music :D :thumbup: :grin: (2.94 MB) 19th July 2016 255 / 6 1
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