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Downloads: Ayumi (The Evil Awakens 2)

Ayumi (The Evil Awakens 2)

Uploaded by 10th April 2020
Author Author ZaBujCaMILAN
File Size File Size 39.17 MB
Views Views 312
Downloads Downloads 29
Last Reupload Last Reupload Never
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  • Ayumi (The Evil Awakens 2)
  • Ayumi (The Evil Awakens 2)

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New Challenger
1st May 2020 at 15:08
@Rin Satsuki not to mention that this and the other chars by the same author has alot of infinites.
Rin Satsuki
User Awaiting Moderation
1st May 2020 at 03:39

This is stupidly overpowered, requiring someone of such caliber as well, to win, on top of that an entire sff was stolen and no credit was given, plus the palette was also directly stolen, this ai can counter anything, included specials and hypers, and isn't worth downloading unless you want someone stupidly op
Rin Satsuki
User Awaiting Moderation
1st May 2020 at 03:25
If there's one thing this guy's good at, it's stealing sprites