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14th September 2015
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The newer version of Lasher's Grover. It fixes many problems of the original character. Review coming soon!

Detailed review by Big Green:
Quote Originally Posted by Big Green View Post
For my first review, I'm going to tackle Grover by Lasher. YOU READ THAT RIGHT. A Sesame Street character is in MUGEN. It wasn't the first, but the other ones are incomplete, offline, gutter trash, or just plain unremarkable. The original version was released in 2009 (I think), but was updated in September 2014 right out of the blue (LOL I DID A PUN IM SO FUNNY ).

Character can be found here:

Starting off, the graphics. The character's sprites are rather simple looking, and easy to take in. However, they look like they were drawn in MS Paint, and some of the animations don't look so smooth. The other stuff in the character is somewhat inconsistent, with MvC effects and stuff that looks edited from official art ("Scruffy" comes to mind). It also has a MvC2 Hyper portrait...

The sounds are undoubtedly ripped straight out of the show, and it seems done to good effect. BGM is still present, but not to a problematic extent.

Now for the real meat and cheese, the gameplay and the ideas. If the Hyper portrait isn't a clear warning, the character seems to be styled as if it was in one of Capcom's Marvel fighting games. It has aerial raves, but not really any other mechanics from said game (though I could be wrong, as I've only played MvC3 and a bit of emulated MvC1).

In terms of a moveset is where things get odd. It has three specials, three strikers, and five hypers. Oh, and none of these have any L/M/H variants, aside from one.

I'll continue next post...
Quote Originally Posted by Big Green View Post
Special 1: Mario Fireball; QCF + LK. Grover reaches into his hammerspace pocket and pulls out Mario's signature cap, granting him the ability to shoot fireballs. You read that all right. The move feels stiff, as after you pull out the cap, you must press LK to fire some fireballs, which cost power. You can't move during this special, and doing so exits it out. IMO, this move is stiff and can leave our favorite blue monster open.

Special 2: Grover Uppercut; QCF + LP. Grover preforms the Shoryuken. While Ken is more famous for this move, Grover wears Ryu's headband, possibly due to being more iconic. What also puzzles me is that it doesn't use the F D FD motion.

Special3: Grover Swing; QCF + MP or HP. In a manner akin to Spider-Man, Grover grabs a wall-scaling Snuffy (or as the animations call him, Scruffy) to swing into the opponent. One key difference is that Grover can somehow PASS THROUGH THE GROUND during this move. "I'm up here, Bird!"

Will be continued.
Quote Originally Posted by Big Green View Post
The strikers aren't remarkable, with Ernie and Oscar throwing rubber duckies and trash can lids, but Big Bird pulls out a gun and mows down the enemy (WITH THE ENEMY NOT EVEN FLINCHING). Grover can also attack during these strikers.

HOLD ON A SECOND- Grover has the walking LP infinite .

Hypers will be covered next time.
Quote Originally Posted by Big Green View Post
Grover's pool of hypers is large, but I can spot many errors.

Hyper 1: The Count; HP + HK; Level 1. The Count appears in the background, and the opponent gets hit with the divine bolt of retribution a couple times while the count does his shtick. One thing I must mention is that these moves carry on for WAY TOO LONG .

Hyper 2: Big Bird Guns; QCBx2 LK; Level 1. The same gunslinging Big Bird from the striker flies on screen, and opens up for Grover to jump in. What follows is an impersonation of the great Jin Saotome (no really, the sprites are edited off his move). Arguably one of the better functioning hypers.

Hyper 3: Near and Far; QCFx2 MP; Level 2. Grover's only level 2 hyper has him swamp the field and play a game of Near and Far with the player, all while the opponent drowns. Lovely.

Hyper 4: 39 Stairs; QCFx2 HP; Level 3. HOO BOY. Good luck pulling this off. This move rarely works, and I only got to try it once. Most attempts just show the aforementioned hyper portrait, play the "INFINITY!" sound, and that's all. From what I remember, the move lasts SUPER LONG, and what else happens? Zip. No damage at all is dealt. yay.

Hyper 5: Bert and the Pigeon; QCFx2 LP + MP; Level 3. The only hyper in the 2009 original, Grover summons Bert flying on a Pigeon to ambush the opponent. At first glance, it may do nothing, but when the opponent attacks it, BOOM! One hit KO! This probably what every day on r/bertstrips is like.

Final Consensus: This character is only really worth a spot on your roster for amusement and/or nostalgia reasons. There are some good points, but the character feels pretty sloppily put together, just like my Preschool and Kindergarden art projects.

Mr. Johnson's wife
Killed by Bert's flying pigeon
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