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Ken Masters

Uploaded by Jun 25, 2015
Author Author beterhans
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Last Reupload Last Reupload Apr 30, 2019
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Latest Version available at https://beterwork-us.hopto.org/

Mugen 1.1 Exclusive Character.

<May 1 2019>
Some bug fix for AI on Wide Screen stages for both ryu and ken

<Apr 25 2018>
Bug fix for turn mode

Dec 30 2017
Bug fix for team super. Please download my Ryu with this Ken to make them work

Oct 23 2016
Big update Mugen 1.1 Used 1.1 sff format, have more than 12 pal for each mode.
add a SF5 like LV3 Super
add a TeamSuper With Ryu http://mugenarchive.com/forums/downl...=file&id=10793

An Edit based on Jmorphman's Ken. major difference
1. More like POTS ryu's style
2. re-made supers, and very accurate timing SF4 Super.
3. Advanced AI (Pallet 12 have Daigo style AI, like GM's ken Pallet 6)
4. inter-op with my(beterhans) other characters.
5. Added SUPER ZOOM for Mugen 1.1 beta 1

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  • Ken Masters
  • Ken Masters
  • Ken Masters

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