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Downloads: Ronald McDonald (Donald Edit)

Ronald McDonald (Donald Edit)

Uploaded by 29th June 2018
Author Author kishio (Edit by NNinja1255)
File Size File Size 6.27 MB
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Last Reupload Last Reupload 18th April 2019
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-Made the Option Variables change whenever the Roundstate is 1 or less, instead of 1, since instantly skipping the intro would miss the setting of the variables
-Added ChangeState to 4001 for State 4000 since cancelling out of "unhappyset" causes the opponent to get stuck in player's state


-- Updated 5th December 2018-19:21 --

Had p2 set anim to 5050 if anim 5052 didn't exist in EX Throw to prevent any minor gameplay breaking glitches.


-- Updated 24th November 2018-22:25 --

- Minor Var Fix
* Fixed Var(52) being conflicted with another code

-- Updated 31st October 2018-17:09 --

- Pal12 Update + Minor Tweaks:
* 12p Update: Major 12p Buff (LifeAdd, PowerAdd, AttackMulSet, DefenceMulSet, etc.)
* 12p Update: EX Throw Damage buffs when life is under 900
* 12p Update: Air EX Throw is Combo-able as
* 12p Update:State 16500 adds 3000 power instead of decreasing
* 12p Update: State 16500 causes an explosion where the enemy is
* Tweak: Set non-12p Air EX Throw to not trigger when enemy movetype is "H" to prevent unintentional triggering while comboing
* Tweak: Added a few new Settings to OPTION.txt
(Note: Pal12 is set to not be select-able by default to prevent the game randomly picking Pal12 for fair Survival, Arcade, etc. gameplays. If you want Pal12 select-able, check the Def file.)

-- Updated 28th October 2018-19:13 --

- EX Throw Fix + Balance:
* Fixed Air EX Throw from Initializing when it is off in OPTION.txt
* Set HitDef's hitflag to AF- from AF to prevent continuous Air EX Throwing and use in mid-Combo Chains

-- Updated 28th October 2018-14:08 --

- EX Throw Update: Added new move as an EX Throw, similar move to Dark Donald's. (Toggle-able in OPTION.txt (Disabled by Default))

-- Updated 28th October 2018-13:19 --

Update Log:

- Air-Throw + hanva-ga-da Buff:
* Changed hitflag for Air-Throw from A- to AF and removed p2movetype != H
* Changed "hanva-ga-da" hitflag from M- to MA-

- Change to Guard Sound [MINIOR]: Changed guard sound from 6,0 (common.snd guard sound) to 5000,11 (Donald.snd guard sound). (I meant to change this, but i didn't notice that i didn't since my common.snd uses the same hitsounds and guardsounds as what I have for this character)

- Fatality Finisher Update: Revived a non-used move that was coded in Donald (State 17000) and made it into a Fatality Finisher (just like how Pinkamena has one). It can only be triggered if the enemy has less than 100 hp. (This is disabled at default so to enable it go to the "OPTION.txt" file.)

- Update + Fix:
* Added a new into (you figure out what character it is :3 (Hint: It's a Donald spriteswap by MEGA_X))
* Fixed AI cns not being recognized since there was already a -3 Statedef in the Regular cns File
* Changed AI Level from 5 to 4 since it was a bit too brutal

-Fix to Change: Fixed a Bug that caused ronald to still charge after the max power point has been reached.

- Update + Modification:
* Added New "vs Ronald" Intro (Triggered by both "Donald" and "Ronald" Info Names).
* Changed Info Name to "Donald" for character name Compatibility via vs other characters (i.e. Ronald vs Original Colonel).
* Created AI Cns files for AI LvL Selecting (Check in Ronald.def file) [Donald_AI.cns: 5 (Easier); Original_AI_LvL.cns: 10 (Harder)].
* Made 12p (Dark Donald) be able to be enabled or disabled for palette selection (Check in Ronald.def file). [MINOR]
* Modified "donaldmagic" 12p Low HP Super FX.

- Fix 3: Fixed the AI being able to initialize "hanva-ga-da" below the needed amount of Power (able to initialize at "Power >= 3000" when it's supposed to be "Power >= 5000").

- Tweek:
* Minor Buff: Removed push-off velocity hit count multiplier (i.e. ground.cornerpush.veloff, air.velocity) from attacks since it caused annoying inconsistency with comboing.
* Minor Fix: Set Big Fry "ground.cornerpush.veloff" from "14.2", what I thought was the default value, to "17.5", what the actual default value is.

- Balance: Big Fry "ground.cornerpush.veloff" has it's multiplier back to avoid a completely infinite combo that could go on for a long time. REMOVED IN NEW UPDATE

- Fix 2: Changed the Attack value from 50 to 80 (100 was too strong) and changed Defense from 80 to 100.

- Fix: Fixed the AI not being able to use dodge.



This is an edit of Donald that I did for fun.

- Power Charging ("y+a")
- Dodge ("z")
- Guard Cancel Attack ("b" while blocking an attack)
- Slight Faster CtrlSet for Air Stong Kick (French Fry) Attack
- Able to control in air after Cutter (upper)
- Less agressive AI (AI Level from 10 to 5 (max is 11))
- Changed Hitsounds
- Changed "hanva-ga-da" command to "~D, F, D, B, x+y"
- Removed Pal11 and Pal12 from being selected ( Sorry. :/ )
- Super FX
- Edited "vs Colonel Sanders" Intro
- Max Power changed from 3000 to 5000
- Changed Power Needed for "hanva-ga-da": 5000 Power (originally 3000 Power)

-- Updated 5th December 2018-17:21 --

Fixed the Original AI, as the changes to the default ai wasn't applied to the original ai file.
(also has original AI level set in the def file)

Player Information
Advanced Metadata
Move List Move List NEW!



  • Ronald McDonald (Donald Edit)
  • Ronald McDonald (Donald Edit)

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3rd Snowball
3rd May 2020 at 04:57
Very clean edit of him, EX Throw hyper is so satisfying, and that is the best looking roll I have ever seen on a Donald. Very interesting that he had an unfinished move all this time also. Hope more updates are planned.
19th February 2020 at 18:55
This ronald is going to be insane.
The Smashor
20th January 2020 at 01:27
You made the 12p STRONGER? Nobody on my roster could beat the 12p on the original, even in teams, without some sort of cheese. I'm both exited and terrified.
18th April 2019 at 22:12
@kater15 it's fine.

18th April 2019 at 15:54
Done. Sorry for my previous mistake.
18th April 2019 at 15:49

18th April 2019 at 04:04
Damn it. I forgot to select the option to keep the file updated.

Please post again your updated Ronald McDonald to give merge again?
17th April 2019 at 22:50
9th April 2019 at 16:06
love this version
10th February 2019 at 20:12
Awesome edit! I pass a good amount of time searching for an edit like this one, Thanks!

5th December 2018 at 21:35
All merged.
5th December 2018 at 21:23

25th November 2018 at 00:36
25th November 2018 at 00:25
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1st November 2018 at 13:49
@kater15 alright, will do.

1st November 2018 at 03:41
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28th October 2018 at 18:27
Since Air EX Throw hitflag is set to not combo, should I have a trigger for "p2movetype != H"?...
28th October 2018 at 18:08
@kater15 Could you merge this again? Sorry...

28th October 2018 at 17:57
28th October 2018 at 17:27
I see much fans of this guy, not it's incredible that?
28th October 2018 at 17:21
@kater15 hey, could you merge this please?
30th September 2018 at 07:27
Awesome mod it's really look magnifest!

23rd September 2018 at 18:41
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20th August 2018 at 02:46
Banned from uploading
20th August 2018 at 00:37
hagan de marvel o dc siempre ronal mcdonald un char sin importancia
20th August 2018 at 00:24
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