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Downloads: Super Smash Flash 1 Versus

Super Smash Flash 1 Versus

Uploaded by 3rd May 2016
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Alpha V0.01

Super Smash Flash Versus is a full game I am creating just for fun as a celebration for Smash Flash 1's 10th anniversary. You can also see this as a joke because I decided to mock Smash Flash 1's glitches and oddities here. (Such as canceling attacks by moving in order to do chain combos.) Mocking up it's glitches and oddities aside, I am also mocking up it's sprites. So you'll see sprites that look really choppy and weird in here much like the original. Original sprites return, some will have sprite redesigns but all will share the same common aspect. None of them are as detailed as your average good sprite in 2012+. Originally was gonna edit the original game (Which I did. My flash crashed once I tested my edit.) to expand upon it, now seemed impossible, I decided to make a MUGEN project instead.

This is very early in alpha. Expect bugs. Not ones that were inspired off Smash Flash 1 but actual ones.If you find one that seems out of place, please report.

Known bugs:
Link's icon in the select screen is the wrong pallete.
Icons out of place (Though I don't really care as much as most people do. As long as it's there I am fine with it.)
Zelda's AI sometimes pauses her attack until she gets hit.
If a character KO's her/his opponent and she/he doesn't take very much damage, it is likely the matchup against the two are 100%/0% or 95%/5% uneven.

- AI changing

- New sprite for Pichu

- Daily raffles (Currently work in progress. Coded using Adobe Flash's ActionScript if you care. The raffle aspect works but the daily does not. You can get a character at any time.)

MccloudGaming and Super Smash Bros Crusade team: Sprites

Nintendo and other companies: Copyrighted characters



  • Super Smash Flash 1 Versus
  • Super Smash Flash 1 Versus
  • Super Smash Flash 1 Versus
  • Super Smash Flash 1 Versus

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New Challenger
10th November 2019 at 17:21
This game was my childhood,
seeing it being brought back to MUGEN makes me want to cry.
Um cool
27th September 2019 at 17:13
@Plusle2019 Is this project abandoned? Will you try modding the original Smash Flash again?
Decent Fighter
12th July 2017 at 08:27
Not gonna lie, I had a really charming hour playing this! Also that Pichu was the man.
3rd May 2016 at 08:38
Sadly, there's no Jigglypuff nor Miles Tails Prower.