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Colonel edits

Colonel edits
Colonel is a famous character made by peg, based on the KFC mascot. It originated many edits since his first release. Some are good, some are bad, and some are simply crazy. 207
Donald edits

Donald edits
Donald by kishio is a popular MUGEN character which has spawned countless edits, ranging from brilliant to plain insanity. 1,377

Files in category : Fast Food Madness
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Marry Donald&Colonel Marry Donald&Colonel (Dragonn341) : A cheap christmas-themed Donald&Colonel edit made back at 2016. Has a Null mode(6p). Removing Attack5.st(the DirectDeath file) from the .def file makes Marry-Colonel the only character fighting... (191.63 MB) Jul 24, 2020
Sep 15, 2020
427 / 33 1
Donald & Colonel Donald & Colonel (Team.ADCZ/Kishio/Peg) : This is a poorly scripted char that features Donald Mcdonald by Kishio and Colonel by Peg at the same time, i don't recommend using it, it's ai doesn't work and it's easily defeatable, just for... (28.34 MB) Jul 24, 2020 573 / 63 4
Ultimate Burger King Ultimate Burger King (Unknown) : Why (108.4 KB) Sep 20, 2018 1.1 K / 161 0
Better Burger King (V2) Better Burger King (V2) (bombermansuper) : some new things now -New hyper (Summon Clone) will summon a clone that attacks and everything -Supreme attack (King's Rage Unleash) this attack is only usable in simul if your friend is still... ... [more] (533.6 KB) Apr 07, 2018 2.2 K / 436 3
Better Burger King Better Burger King (bombermansuper) : better version. Changes : -new super (The King's Combo) -new hyper (Delicious Burger Hyper) -custom AI -new palettes -mario death sound (this one is a bit useless) Errors/Glitches : the icon... ... [more] (494.6 KB) Apr 07, 2018 925 / 95 1
Legendary Burger King Legendary Burger King (bombermansuper...) : this is a simple edit i created in like 5 minutes it adds %n, very high stats and an incredible high regen the %n activates when he takes much damage or hits, randomly, or instantly in round 2 and 3 (92.5 KB) Apr 05, 2018 1.1 K / 78 4
Shadow Burger King Shadow Burger King (Ryder) : It's a secret, tssss (23.35 MB) Apr 14, 2017 1.8 K / 124 1