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Downloads: Heavy Machinery Ver. Alpha

Heavy Machinery Ver. Alpha

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the ddt
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10th January 2020
Author Author the ddt (listed as Spike Spam)
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You may remember that stage I made "Heavy Machinery" right? The stage based off of a level in Crash Bandicoot.

Just now I've given it an slight upgrade or as I call it one. Instead of it being a image off of the internet, I've drawn the stage myself on Sketchpad to make it look more original.

If I am being fair, I do not like how it looks compared to the beta. I've also removed the meme from the stage as a suggestion from a Creator. This gives this stage more of a serious vibe than the previous joke vibe.

Hope you enjoy this new version of the stage, if not please comment down why (I 100% percent agree with you if you tell me this stage looks horrible because I suck at drawing on computers)

Tune in next time for whatever I decide to upload.

Credit to me for making this stage and of course, credit to you for reading this!
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  • Heavy Machinery Ver. Alpha

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