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Downloads: Scorpion shinobi

Scorpion shinobi

Uploaded by 8th October 2018
Author Author Barook & LeoCobainJr
File Size File Size 4.68 MB
Views Views 551
Downloads Downloads 150
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; original scorpion by MKP Team
; UMK3 arcade sprites ripped by Fly
; UMK3 sound rips by [email protected]
; fire effects by PhoboSS, Bleed aka gabe678
; Bleed aka gabe678 for some Scorpion sprites
; MKM sound rips, MK Shinobi sprites, compiled & updated by borg117
; converted for MKP by Jermaine Kidd
; sprites edits & fixes by Barook & LeoCobainJr
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  • Scorpion shinobi
  • Scorpion shinobi

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9th October 2018 at 12:42
yea the outfit indeed makes him look tougher then the original colors, i agree.
Kain Von Drakul
New Challenger
9th October 2018 at 06:39
Totally agree. I always love this Shirai Ryu ninja since 1992 :P
9th October 2018 at 02:02
This Scorpion is sooo Bad ***! the best Scorpion in my opinion.The author adds a new school and old school feel to the character and the
outfit makes him look different from the other ninjas.