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Downloads: Vadisse & Sierra

Vadisse & Sierra

Uploaded by 20th September 2015
Author Author IF
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From "Legend of Mana". You control Sierra with A, B, and C button and Vadise with X, Y, and Z button. Unfortunately, while you can move freely as Sierra, you can't do it with Vadise. This character is likely meant to be a boss-type one.
This upload is to preserve this character lost to obscurity, as IF known for releasing interesting conversions, only to take them down a few days after.
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  • Vadisse & Sierra
  • Vadisse & Sierra

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New Challenger
4th May 2019 at 20:15
Very impressive, emulates very well their game and it even has the same special effects, Mugen needs more legend of Mana chars like this.
13th May 2018 at 13:02
Wow! I love Legend of Mana! Favorite game of all time due to it's creative storytelling and colorful cast of characters of ALL types from teapot people to beast people to faeries to plants and to [email protected]&$ing dragons. Not to mention people with hearts of precious gems (Stuff it, Steven Universe. Jumi's were before you.)