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Downloads: Scorpion Shinobi for Season 2.9

Scorpion Shinobi for Season 2.9

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11th April 2019
Author Author MKP Team, Fly, [email protected], PhoboSS, Bleed, borg117
File Size File Size 5.44 MB
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original scorpion by MKP Team
UMK3 arcade sprites ripped by Fly
UMK3 sound rips by [email protected]
fire effects by PhoboSS, Bleed aka gabe678
Bleed aka gabe678 for some Scorpion sprites
MKM sound rips, MK Shinobi sprites, compiled & updated by borg117
converted for MKP by Jermaine Kidd
sprites edits & fixes by Barook & LeoCobainJr

Converted to Season 2.9 by me. This is my first ever character conversion. Also my first upload on Mugenarchive. There have been other Season 2.9 Scorpion Shinobis posted already, but this one is a little different.
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  • Scorpion Shinobi for Season 2.9
  • Scorpion Shinobi for Season 2.9

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