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Marisa Kirisame (Incident Zero)

Uploaded by 30th July 2018
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Marisa Kirisame - Incident Zero version
Author: RicePigeon

01/20/2019 - Version 2019.01.20

- Adjusted & Corrected throw & throw tech behaviors.

12/22/2018 - Version 2018.12.22

- [System] Grounded Forward Dash during Type-C alignment now grants a speed boost after a certain duration.
- [System] Type-C Alignment's Dash Cancels can now be performed from certain Spellcards.
- [System] Added debug option against Stupa's Training to refill Spirit.

12/06/2018 - Version 2018.12.06

- [SYSTEM] Redone Invalid Combo detection from scratch.

11/23/18 - Version 2018.11.23

- [System] Corrected buffer timings on certain inputs.
- [System] Minor adjustments to Spirit Gauge display.
- 6z: Fixed bug with tech timing.
- "Final Spark": Damage increased (9xN/17xN->9xN/18xN).

11/07/18 - Version 2018.11.07

- [System] Fixed bug on Invalid Combo message.
- [System] Type-B bomb can now be jump cancelled, hitstun increased.
- [System] Power gains on startup of Special moves now affected by proration.

10/06/18 - Version 2018.10.06

- [System] Fixed bug where Spell Trance, Spell Rage, and Spell Overdrive carry over between rounds.
- [System] Spell Rage: Damage buff increased (15%->20%).
- [System] Spell Overdrive: Fixed oversight that accidentally scaled damage to 80% instead of 85%.
- [System] Last Word damage in Type-B alignment now scales linearly instead of in increments.

09/10/18 - Version 2018.09.10

- [System] Wallbounces are now untechable and can now only be done once per combo.
- [System] Fixed bug with Just Defend.
- [System] Can now combo into Command Normals from any regular Normal.
- [System] Air Dashes now have a minimum startup time of 8f.
- [System] Now displays an indicator when performing an invalid combo (a combo p2 could have air teched out of).
- 5z: Grab hitbox size decreased.
- 6z: Grab hitboz size decreased.
- Miasma Sweep: Base air untech time increased by 20f.

07/29/2018 - Version 2018.07.29

- First release.


1. Contents (You're reading this)
2. System Mechanics
3. Move List
- Notable Moves
- Specials & Supers
- Spellcards
4. Special Thanks


F - Toward
B - Back
U - Up
D - Down

x - Weak Attack
y - Medium Attack
z - Strong Attack
a - Unique Skill
b - Bombs/Special Actions
c - Shortcut for X+Y+Z

Start - Taunt

System Mechanics

* Hold x/y/z - Safe Fall [Ground] / Air Tech [Air].
- Recovers quickly after being knocked down. Hold Back or Forward to tech in that direction. Cannot Safe Fall/Tech any moves that cause
a Hard Knockdown.

* 5b - Bomb [G] (Type-A Only)
- Requires 100% Spirit.

* 236b - Crush Attack (Type-A Only)
- Requires 500 Power. Causes a knockdown on hit, causes a guard crush if blocked.

* X+Y+Z - Spell Trance [G] (Type-A Only)
- Requires 2000 Power. Allows unlimited use of Spellcards for a limited time. Ends when Last Word is used.

* 1, 4, or 7 - Just Defend (Type-B Only)

* 5b - Bomb [G] (Type-B Only)
- Requires 50% Spirit. Launches opponent on hit.

* 412b - Guard Cancel [G] (Type-B Only)
- Requires 25% Spirit, can only be done during blockstun. Yukari counterattacks using the X version of Full Moon Umbrella.

* X+Y+Z - Spell Rage [G] (Type-B Only)
- Requires 50% Spirit, uses all Spirit on use. Buffs damage dealt by 20% on all attacks, duration dependent on how much Spirit was
available when activated. Ends when any Spellcard is used.

* 5b - Dash Cancel (Type-C Only)
- Requires 50% Spirit, can only be done on successful hit. Cancels current action into a forward dash.

* X+Y+Z - Spell Overdrive [G] (Type-C Only)
- Requires 1000 Power. Allows all grounded Normals to be jump cancelled and allows chaining from Medium into Heavy Normals, but
scales all damage by 85%. Ends when any Spellcard is used.

Notable moves

F,F or B,B: Dash/Air Dash
- Does a forward or backward dash. Forward Dash behavior differs in Type-B alignment and gains graze properties. Can double air dash
during Type-C alignment.

F+y (6y) - Overhead Sweep
- A relatively fast but unsafe overhead smack with Marisa's Broom. Hits high.

F+z (6z) - Butt Slam
- Marisa does a backwards leap towards the opponent butt-first, causing Knockdown. Highly unsafe on block,
due to the amount of time it takes for Marisa to recover from landing.

j.D+z (j.2z) - Aerial Downward Palm Spark [A Only]
- Marisa does a double palm strike, which results in a blast of magical energy downward

Specials & Supers

Unique Skill: Mini-Hakkero Enhancement
- All of Marisa's Specials and Spellcards have EX versions that can be performed with the A button. EX Specials cost
500 Power, while EX Spellcards cost 2000 Power.

Note: Each move indicates if it can be done on the ground only [G], in the air only [A], or both [GA]

* F+z or B+z - Throw [G Only]
- Marisa's throw. Can hit opponents in hitstun, but not blockstun. Using a throw during a combo gives the opponent additional
time to throw escape.

* D,DF,F + X/Y/Z/A (236x/y/z/a) - Witching Blaster [GA]
- Marisa fires a blast of energy from the tip of her broomstick. Button press determines the speed of the projectile.

EX Version: Hits twice and knocks down.

* F,DF,D,DB,B + X/Y/Z/A (63214x/y/z/a) - Witch Leyline [GA]
- Marisa hops on her broomstick and rides forward. Fast and grants Marisa projectile invincibility. Button press
determines the distance that Marisa travels before dismounting. If blocked, Marisa will automatically dismount
the broomstick and recoil backwards.

EX Version: Fast startup and causes wallslam on hit.

* F,D,DF + X/Y/Z/A (623x/y/z/a) - Miasma Sweep [G Only]
- Marisa rides her broomstick upward in a Shoryuken-style arc, before falling back down. Each version has a different
amount of Startup Invincibility, allowing it to be used as a reversal. All versions unsafe on block by varying degrees.
Button press determines the apex of Marisa's travel before she begins falling.

EX Version: Hits twice and grants Marisa full invincibility until she begins falling.

* D,DB,B + X/Y/Z/A (214x/y/z/a) - Sweep Aside [G Only]
- Marisa spins in place with her broomstick, causing a wallslam on hit. Button press determines startup, and how high
Marisa ascends from the spin.

EX Version: Causes multiple hits and drags opponent in on hit.



* D,DF,F,D,DF,F + X/Y/Z (236236x/y/z) - Love Sign "Master Spark" [GA, 1000 Power]
- Marisa's signature move; a rainbow blast of energy from her Mini-Hakkero. Marisa has projectile invulnerability
as long as the beam is active.

* D,DB,B,D,DB,B + X/Y/Z (214214x/y/z) - Love Sign "Angled Master Spark" [G, 1000 Power]
- A variation of Marisa's signature move aimed upwards. Faster startup and contains startup invincibility, but highly unsafe
on block.

* D,DF,F,D,DF,F + A (236236a) - Bewitched Weapon "Dark Spark" [GA, 2000 Power]
- Marisa's corrupted Master Spark from Double Dealing Character. Has much faster startup and recovery compared to Master Spark,
but lacks any form of invincibility.

* D,DB,B,D,DB,B + A (214214a) - Bewitched Weapon "Angled Dark Spark" [G, 2000 Power]
- A variation of Dark Spark aimed upwards. Faster startup and contains startup invincibility, but highly unsafe
on block.

Last Word Spellcards

Note 1: In Type-A, Last Words can only be performed during Spell Trance, and requires 100% Spirit. Ends Spell Trance on use.
Note 2: In Type-B, Last Words can be performed using 1000 Power & at least 50% Spirit, and consumes all Spirit on use. Damage scales with available
Note 3: Last Words cannot be used during Type-C.

* D,DF,F,D,DF,F + B (236236b) - "Final Spark" [G Only]
- Marisa's powered up version of the Master Spark. Fast Startup and invincible on startup.

Special Thanks:

Elecbyte - For making MUGEN and making all kinds of fantasy fights possible.
ZUN & Tasofro - Touhou much?
Necromancer - His/Her code archive
P.o.t.S. - Original damage dampening code, revised Parry code
Jmorphman & JustNoPoint - Explodsive buffering system
ArcSys/Roosterteeth - Voice source
PlasmoidThunder - Voice rips

Sprite & Palette submissions:
- Smoke072
- The Magic Toaster
- DoomBowser
- TaurmegaTyrant
- PlasmoidThunder

And anyone else I forgot to mention
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  • Marisa Kirisame (Incident Zero)
  • Marisa Kirisame (Incident Zero)

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