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Downloads: Shuma-Gorath MVC2

Shuma-Gorath MVC2

Uploaded by 20th May 2018
Author Author REDHOT, Cyanide
File Size File Size 37.35 MB
Views Views 5,565
Downloads Downloads 2,012
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- Metal hit
- HD Special Hits
- Better sounds
- No tag system
- Removed all the extra moves that not appear in MvC2
- Hitdef, anims, and some codes in all normal moves (to an original MvC2 gameplay as faithfull as possible)
- Hitdef, anims, and some codes in all special moves (to an original MvC2 gameplay as faithfull as possible)
- Hitdef, anims, and some codes in all hyper moves (to an original MvC2 gameplay as faithfull as possible).
- Advanced guard FX & code
- System messages
- Throws
- Combos
- Common cns
- Air combo code
- Dash fwd and backward FX and codes
- State hits
- Fall effects
- Hit character sound
- hits and guards fx
- Hit in fall
- Hyper BG
- Hyper Combo Finish
- Hyper portrait
- Hyper sounds
- Landing effect & sound
- Lie down time
- P1 & P2 icon
- Pre-walking
- Portaits
- Scale character
- Super jump code
- Super jump FX
- Taunt
- Velocity data
- Voices
- Volume
- Wall hit, FX and codes
- Dizzy
- Yacell
- Commands
- Vertical Spinning
- Run jump
- Special dust effects
- Anims times
- Standing state
- Damage
- Negative Edge
- Recoveries anims
- 1 Powerbar


- Cyanide (Original author and various original codes of this character)
- DarkWolf13, walruslui and ExShadow (Hyper Ports code and Common1 codes)
- Mouser (Some original MvC2 system codes of this character)
- FerchogtX (Some MvC2 FX and sounds)
- Violin Ken (Negative edge command)
- Preppy (Hyper Combo Finish BG, sounds and Portaits images)
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  • Shuma-Gorath MVC2
  • Shuma-Gorath MVC2

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21st November 2019 at 17:39
Probably the best version of this one.
15th November 2019 at 04:32
This is great!
New Challenger
3rd June 2019 at 22:45
19th April 2019 at 22:56
Better get those contact lenses ready, cause it's SHOOOMA.
New Challenger
20th January 2019 at 22:58
This is really nostalgic. This used to be one of my favourites back in the day.
New Challenger
18th January 2019 at 04:00
like a lot
13th January 2019 at 01:15
Neat. I love Shuma, so this is a must.
New Challenger
1st November 2018 at 03:18
Launcher into Air combo all 7 hits. Jump need to mash buttons quick
20th October 2018 at 19:59
the best!
New Challenger
2nd October 2018 at 07:07
17th September 2018 at 19:17
Best character of MvC2, best equip with Blackheart and Ruby Heart
17th September 2018 at 01:38
Will always be my favorite Marvel character. <3
17th June 2018 at 15:33
I really liked it, I remember on MvsC I always played with shumath xD. I really like the character, great job.
16th June 2018 at 04:56
One of my favorite MvC characters!
30th May 2018 at 12:59
I believe that CAPCOM choose him because in MARVEL SUPER HEROES game they needed a villain (or two) more... in the left side we have Hulk - Ironman - Wolverine - Psylocke - Spiderman - CapAmerica... I believe that they want to put 4 villains characters from other comics (except X-men).. in the right side.. Juggy - Magneto and finally - Blackheart & Shuma...
We know that the two final villains in the game are Dr.Doom and Thanos..
The reason I believe that why they donīt put a villain from Hulk.. IronMan..CapAmerica.. itīs the reasons that in those comics we have the heroes in the game...
finally, to make it more varied.. they put Shuma (Dr. Strange), Blackheart (Ghost Rider), Dr.Doom (Fantastic 4), Thanos (Avengers)
and in this way we have more characters from other comics..
I believe that thatīs the reason.
Why not Dormammu? well... we have Blackheart that is very the same.
A x ◿
30th May 2018 at 07:01
Same goes for BlackHeart. I never understood out of all the more famous ones in the industry how that character became entangled in that game? Though Shuma is more popular since these games started and for the same reason mentioned all ready is probably why he still sticks around as he is a squid demon monster that could have come right out of Godzilla franchise. My guess is Shuma was probably picked along with Blackheart because the design itself appealed more to the East Asia gamer whereas Captain America was picked to appeal to the West American gamer audience.

It's no coincidence either that the recent marvel movies are having a direct influence on the latest Marvel fighting games. Tony Stark's Ironman is very much The Avenger's Ironman from the films nowadays.

30th May 2018 at 06:26
@RageNeko There's tons of chars from Marvel that would be considered as "Regular Idea" The Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider, Shuma's Nemesis Dr. Strange and heck even Adam Warlock who was a major char in the infinite guantlet comic arc would be consired as regular idea. Shuma is a char nobody at Marvel cares, the fact that they chose him instead of other chars who where famous at the time will always be a mystery.
New Challenger
27th May 2018 at 02:25
@Mortos Well, you're not the only one, when I saw him I thought the creators were like: "OMG! A giant squid guy with demonic powers(?), we must add this character in the game", I'm still thinking that adding this guy was a "regular idea"

21st May 2018 at 14:25
To this day i still don't understand why this guy was put in a fighting game. Is funny because Marvel doesn't care about him at all, i guess someone at Capcom saw him on Marvel's character gallery and thought "OMG! They have a giant demon squid, we need to add this guy in the game right now."
21st May 2018 at 01:17

20th May 2018 at 22:06
Shuma-Gorath is one of the most difficult MVC chars to find in Mugen. Good job @REDHOT.
20th May 2018 at 21:38
Someday, we need an Infinite-style Shuma Gorath. I would put that on my roster in an instant.
For now though, this version works MARVELously, pardon the pun.