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Downloads: Fate U.C. U.N.I.B Lifebar

Fate U.C. U.N.I.B Lifebar

Uploaded by 15th May 2017
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[1280x720] Mugen 1.1

Credit out of the notepad in file~
Sprites- Fate Unlimited Codes contrubited by Nightmare edit by me
- Fatal Fake by Magic Maker
- Fate Extra Servant symbol by tseon ~ edit by me

On side note:
There are no announcer on this lifebar apologies
Localcoords = 426,320 for the ports to work ports are in x axis = 640 , y axis = 0
and as always I include a .psd file
and render mode must be OpenGL

Installing this in your main system.def

fight = data/F.U.C. U.N.I.B/fightUnib.def



  • Fate U.C. U.N.I.B Lifebar
  • Fate U.C. U.N.I.B Lifebar
  • Fate U.C. U.N.I.B Lifebar

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30th March 2018 at 10:39
thanks so much for this lifebar :)