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Downloads: CvS Jason Friday 13

CvS Jason Friday 13

Uploaded by 3rd November 2018
Author Author chuchoryu
File Size File Size 5.22 MB
Views Views 5,021
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  • CvS Jason Friday 13
  • CvS Jason Friday 13

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New Challenger
25th December 2019 at 19:23
New Challenger
15th November 2019 at 05:04
@chuchoryu yess thank you XD XD
7th November 2019 at 21:32
@Jessegoodwin263 I have plans for more Horror movies, for my MK mugen adding Fatality on they, I want Pumpinghead this one are very interesting for MK

New Challenger
10th October 2019 at 01:43
@Aleistor Henrikson yes someone make a CVS style of Leatherface, Michael Myers, Chucky or even Esther (from Orphan)
Aleistor Henrikson
New Challenger
8th October 2019 at 06:31
So desperately need a Leatherface now in this style like this Jason or Michael Myers...and Chucky too

20th February 2019 at 04:34
20th February 2019 at 04:30
@thatguy I thought it was a six-buttons style edit, but just duplicated. Admins, please.
New Challenger
20th February 2019 at 02:24

At first I was thinking someone edited it, or maybe an update.

Sadly this is the same file as already posted: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...y-13-chuchoryu

27th December 2018 at 14:24
Good Char :3
Aleistor Henrikson
New Challenger
21st November 2018 at 10:18
Not bad. I like this style. Now all we need is a Leatherface in this style and I think the Unholy Quartet would finally be in MUGEN. Come on, somebody make it happen.
13th November 2018 at 03:39
Awesome char!
8th November 2018 at 19:06
@anthimus ha sorry I forgot to put my facebook its here: https://www.facebook.com/chuchin.drago

for talk much more here my friend

8th November 2018 at 11:50
@yolomate yo bro cool! thx ;) @chuchoryu J*zus.. i'm over busy but that is missed your reply checking my .M.A. setting everyday.. is a ???? anyhow sorry for the late responds mate, i mean it. I don't like when that happens, thx for the reply. U made me laugh with "Paint XP, Fighter Fatcory 2003, Audacity 2008, DJ Pro ver 2008, Animagic Gif" that cool man although we differ 11 yrs im from 78' the birth year of Michael Myers escapes from a mental hospital and returns to the small town of Haddonfield to kill again. hah.. You know i'm straight up with everyone i just learned mugen.. coding, script everything else sice my join date march 2016, and i'm overwhelmed with how broad mugen is in ALL VARIETY* magical gamebuster i'm addicted too. But i cannot speak on your tech* level i'm just a rookie brother, i have respect for what you and all the guys doing creating these cool sh*t for us all. THANKS! I started with 1st old atari's with administration @t school, so missed the real coding boat period* otherwise i would be creating myself but i need a brother next to me at home teaching me, i cannot learn it all out of myself. Im proud of what i do can... from conversions to cleaning up a script or some editing, but doing it all from "blank?" omg.. i wouldn't know where to start mate. Can you add me on facebook my real name is a swell (anthimus karstkarel) no1 got that crazy name, besides my neck is tattoo'd in colors you cant miss me. Ill accept your friend request... ok hope i'm not responding again late ^^ have nice day friend.
5th November 2018 at 16:01
new palettes??
go my post:
4th November 2018 at 01:26
@anthimus yes the 90s old party, I born in 1989 Im child in 90s, in 00s I grow up and I remmeber goto Videocentro to find movies (much of Martial Arts I am a practicioner and teacher today) I remmember the days I goin whit my friends to a party and today they only have mobile phone for watch everyting. You ask for how difficult are for made muchen stuff? its hard offcourse but everyone find his motivation for push foward on it I use my PC from 2007 for work mugen using very old tools of mugen, Paint XP, Fighter Fatcory 2003, Audacity 2008, DJ Pro ver 2008, Animagic Gif, depens of what you want to do is the difficult for the mugen work example chars; in this ection extist many variation, spritesr, coders or sprite ripping, codes, sound maker and mugen desig I do all this things by myself other people use a team of people for doing 1 char, depens of what we need for mugen

for more talk bro yo can come to my facebook or mugen multiverse site I add files every time and I put many stuff I work for future releases camarade

3rd November 2018 at 21:35
@chuchoryu nice man, looking forward, could you gimme a sign like PM when you have added moves or so? thx And i have his iron mask got it from vdeo store many yrs ago when i / we rented these vhs and the 1st on cd's ironical time it was, man wish i could go back to 80's 90's, no mobile phones..... time of wild hardcore house parties in NL i went to. But about Pumpkinhead i don't remember much gonna search for a torrent heh... Maybe a beer tonight and check that old-school, bet i get flashbacks while watching. There's also someone like pumpkinhead i just forgot the movies name, was just searching for 15min at imdb.com but no luck, maybe you know anyway.... question i missed the coding-school cause of my age, how hard is it for real to create a character, difficult eh...? I can adjust script, conversions, edit character in color or change his moves a bit, but drawing per pixel a new character. I think i don't have that in me. But i also have not given it any attempt, just wanna hear your opinion? And i know why you didn't respond to my story, to personal eh? Maybe i should learn to be less open but than im not myself you know. Cya Mr Jason Creator ! :P
3rd November 2018 at 21:05
@anthimus ja ja ja XD I think the same as you in Freddy he is a pedofile, the horror in it is the dream killer here in exico exist much fans of him for this reason but Jason can fight whit everything he can do fisical or espiritual the reason why is more good, yes I watch the movie in 2003 in VHS (in mexico we dont have the recent technology every year) I saw Jason face but I prefer the old 80s face like a demon but I try to do diffrent faces for this char for diffrent win poses

Pumpinghead is one of no most famous of iconic but I like it is made by the Alien Xenomorph creator but pumpinghead is not famous reason why in 90s pumpinghead vs ash not happens, in 2017 pumpinghead as announced as a new reboot for 2019 but I have no much info about it, thanks for your comments bro Im glad you like it and this 2018 I have much surprises the year is not end but 2019 starting whit new stuff my works are the favorite of many peole no for the best, they are famous for the faster work I did and many of they are characters we want, Im glad of this work I do for everyone and me offocurse

3rd November 2018 at 20:44
yo @chuchoryu bud... you've seen Freddy vs. Jason (2003)? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0329101/?ref_=nv_sr_1 , Jason is a bear of a man, the moments his mask was off, he got a rotten face with worms crawling hah... how can a p*ssy like Freddy who hunts little kids gives them nightmares and murder them, "so a pedofile" Not that i have anything against pedofiles cause i think it is horrible when you get born like that and when your 12/13yrs old know you don't like girls ... but... i only "hate" them when they do hurt a child, (if you know you have a heavy disfunction like that you can not do the deviation in real life), cause i know how they get butchered in prisons, seen it many times, and i'v spit slime in one his face because i had to act tough with my cellmates... life.... life.... life... but i never joined in beating one up. I know this got nothing to do with our conversation is just wanted to maybe learn you something. So i'm not a freddy fan and MOVIE SPOILER in the end Jason cuts freddy's head off, and walks away, THE END^^ tjeeez i was 25 when i see J v/s F now 40yrs but i still think the same. Peace. And my compliments for Jason, hope you going to look at some of his best kill moves he did in different sequels and create them for us Mugen? WOW! just a hint , and i just see the 1988 pumpinghead trailer, and i'v seen that one, just awesome....cya
3rd November 2018 at 20:13
@Altes Eisen thanks, the plans its made this for friday 13, here in mexico we celebrate dia de muertos 2 days in a row and hallowen offcourse they are 3 days of celebrating stuff, but now we have Jason no only for this year the next one I have many plans for more horror movies characters

@anthimus yes bro I made him, all this file is upload in my channel of you tube, Jason need more moves but now we have it for starting play I really want him more fully for add Freddy in the roster, as you say Jason is more better than Michel Miyers its more iconic to me, Freddy and Jason I think this 2 are equals in fame, movies and merchandising 2 of the titans of the old shoold horror movies I cant choose one of this 2 as my favorite but I want to do 1 of horror movies for mugen called Pumkinghead I think is called like this and The Thing they are very spooky things

3rd November 2018 at 13:47
@chuchoryu Did you make it? if so. cool works! mate, i love Jason he was my Hero when in my youth, just more a badass than, Michel Myers/Halloween or Freddy Kruger, Jason is the most brutal, with his styled killings... Thx for the post.
3rd November 2018 at 12:52
Awesome release!
3rd November 2018 at 12:24


Altes Eisen
3rd November 2018 at 11:22
And here's something UNexpected; gotta DL and try it...too bad he wasn't ready for halloween xD