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Downloads: Nemesis (Victory Quote)

Nemesis (Victory Quote)

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Belac, Lord O/T Hunt
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Oct 22, 2018
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This is the best Nemesis I've played, and I've been trying to add Victory Quotes to my characters. this was'nt exactly what I wanted fron this, but My idea for this guy's quotes turned out to be annoyingly difficult. Originally, his win quote would be the name of his opponent, as he would announce the names of his targets before killing them. unfortunately, there is no code to read the enemy's name and put it in the winquote, and that means I'd have to create custom quotes for every named character. instead, I've put in a placeholder winquote, and I'll work on adding some RE character names later.
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  • Nemesis (Victory Quote)
  • Nemesis (Victory Quote)

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