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Downloads: Super MUGEN Bros 64 Screenpack

Super MUGEN Bros 64 Screenpack

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30th September 2018
Author Author OctoberFEST
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This is the product of my own time; a "mostly" complete recreation of Super Smash Bros 64 from what I was willing to manage.


* A snazzy-looking menu!
* A limited roster for a genuine restricted experience! (Plus cool fire icon backgrounds.)
* Fitting soundtrack wherever possible! (Within reach without any extra scripts.)
* Classic Smash 64 default hit sounds! (Only works if character USES default hit sounds.)
* Various battle effects, but the healthbar is still the same. I just wasn't sure what to put there.

Now for legal stuff.
Super Smash Bros is owned by HAL and Nintendo, and I own none of the sprites, music, or sounds.
I'm only using them as fair use, and I make no profit.

Also, I'm crediting Spriters Resource for sprites, as well as sounds in the sound section.
The logo was made by me. Pretty nifty huh?



  • Super MUGEN Bros 64 Screenpack
  • Super MUGEN Bros 64 Screenpack
  • Super MUGEN Bros 64 Screenpack
  • Super MUGEN Bros 64 Screenpack

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New Challenger
16th January 2020 at 22:56
Is this a screenpack??
4th October 2019 at 04:15
Dope, is there one that doesn't have "super" and "bros."?
27th April 2019 at 19:31
i love it
23rd November 2018 at 02:09
Fantastic work!
Um cool
18th November 2018 at 22:02
Why the Mario 64 font though
yuan China
New Challenger
8th November 2018 at 01:30
Thank you for sharing the resources. Thank you.
1st October 2018 at 19:38
Normal. I was hoping to integrate that mod into here, but I had only found out about it after I had already edited the files.
If I wanted to make a smash variant, I'd need to redo it from scratch. (But a bit faster because of already done assets.)
New Challenger
1st October 2018 at 04:53
One question: Does it use SSB MUGEN characters or normal MUGEN ones?
Lillie's 音MADs
30th September 2018 at 17:03
Really like this one, nice work!
30th September 2018 at 16:25
Finally, most accurate Super Smash Bros 64 screenpack...