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Downloads: Rosalina (W.I.P)

Rosalina (W.I.P)

Uploaded by 23rd March 2015
Author Author Stable Tec Studios
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This Rosalina is an experimental W.I.P that's far from being done. She has 3 specials (Fireball, Star jump, and Orbital Circle up and down) and a super move (1) and is also in need of someone who can do AI work. The sprites are usually smootly animated and is made in a 3D software with toon shading. A version with easier controls and a luma is still being made. A WIP of that as well is in another site.

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  • Rosalina (W.I.P)
  • Rosalina (W.I.P)
  • Rosalina (W.I.P)

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23rd July 2017 at 22:55
Good work! There aren't to many Rosalina's out there, so thank you for making one.
9th July 2016 at 15:40
First of all, please comment on the visitor messages section instead so I could get notified.

Now, I looked at your other posts and you seemed quite harsh in your posts. Also I don't see your argument between you and the "5 year old" on MA unless you are talking about Dark Chaos on YT?

I don't wanna be involved in this but from what I looked at, both are you are at the wrong. Once again, your harsh attitude is giving other people a want to call you names like "faggot", "bully" and "retard" I've looked at your videos at the time and I'd rather suggest you give a reason to why the gameplay is bad or why the sprites are terrible as well as leaving out unessacary name calling in the description also including the title of Retard Bashing. The name alone is why I suggested all of the retard bashing video creators to stop doing retard bashing videos Maybe the drama between you and DC would not happen if you just don't harass people in your video description.

As for Dark Chaos, I think he and his friends should of just not given you any attention in the first place.
New Challenger
8th July 2016 at 05:16
Hey you instigating hypocrite moron, don't try to boss me around by saying don't insult other users when you clearly don't know anything about the argument between me and this five year old which he started it.