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Azrael (1.1)

Uploaded by Oct 08, 2017
Author Author Deoxgigas
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Mugen 1.0 version on the Archives : https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...-1-0-deoxgigas

Alternative download link : https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%...799DA891DFB124 (https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AP3dhJMk2Rc%5FOdo&id=CA799DA891DFB124%21211&cid=CA799DA891DFB124)


Azrael (CPEX Style) by Deoxgigas

Mr. Tyrant is here to smack you in the face, and then eat it for dinner. Because that's what he does.

So with the success of Kagura Mutsuki, I laid plans for more Blazblue characters that I would look into after a nice long break.

The one who would follow was Azrael, and just like Kagura, he's based on his CPEX version, has all the moves from the game, and is about as close to the source as I could get him.

It hasn't been easy. Even though I already had a solid foundation in Kagura to start with, it would still take hundreds of hours to build up this guy.
Azrael had the same problem as all other Blazblue characters: Most of his effect sprites are 3d textured and pretty damn hard to rip, and unlike Kagura,
Azrael had almost no standard 2d sprites of his own to work with. Therefore, I've had to heavily improvise: Azrael uses more sprites from other games than Kagura, and is also using a bunch of the 2d sprites available from various other Blazblue characters.
As a result, Azrael now has alot more claw and fire in his moves.

Well, I had my share of fun figuring out how to make him work, and learning how Dust and Vanishing (Banishing?) attacks work in Arcsys games, because Azrael has his own versions of both.



Just in case: 4 is Back, 6 is Forward, 2 is Down, 8 is Up and 5 is Neutral.

Also, if you know your BB buttons: a is X, b is Y, c is Z and d is A.







Note: Spawns Weak Points and has additional effects and damage if they're already active.



Tiger Magnum

Cobra Strike
6Z during Tiger Magnum

Note: In Blazblue CPEX, Cobra Strike actually had the command "46Z", but it was changed to "6Z" in BBCF.
I decided to run with the CF command because it's simpler, and easier to work with.

Leopard Launcher
6Z during Cobra Strike

Hornet Bunker - 214A

Hornet Chaser
8 when hitting with Hornet Bunker while a Lower Weak Point is active.

Note: Hornet Bunker adds and uses Lower Weak Points like some of the Drive moves.

Valiant Crash - 236A

Valiant Charger
6 when hitting with Valiant Crash while a Upper Weak Point is active.
Can be used again every time you hit with most moves during a certain time frame.

Note: Valiant Crash adds and uses Upper Weak Points like some of the Drive moves.

Gustaf Buster - 236X

Sentinel Dump Standard - 214Z

Sentinel Dump Downed - 22Z

Note: Standard Sentinel Dump can be used all the time. Downed Sentinel Dump can only be used while the opponent is on the ground, or be comboed into during 3Z.

Growler Field - 214Y

Phalanx Cannon - 236Y

Note: Growler Field absorbs projectile moves and adds a charge each time (up to 3). Phalanx Cannon can only be used while having atleast one of those charges.



Distortion: Scud Punishment

Distortion: Black Hawk Stinger

Note: Costs 50 Heat (500 meter) each.


Astral Heat: Patriot Apocalypse


Note: Costs 100 Heat (Full meter) and can only be used when the opponent has less than 35% HP.
Cannot be chained into during a combo that brings the opponent to less than 35% HP.

In the source game, an Astral Heat finisher can only be used during the last round you need to win a match. However, since there's no real
way of checking whether the current round fulfills that in Mugen, you can use the Astral Heat during any and all rounds.
It will, however, only work once and cannot be used again during the same match if you've already won once using it.
Also, the AI will only attempt to use this after atleast 1 round has passed.



Crush Trigger: 5B
Counter Assault: 6B (While in Guardstun)
Throw: 5C/6C
Backwards Throw: 4C
Barrier: 4B (Hold)
Burst: B+C (While in Hitstun)
Rapid Cancel: X+Y+Z
Overdrive: B+C
Taunt: Start

Notes: Crush Trigger costs 25 Heat, Counter Assault and Rapid Cancel costs 50 Heat


A few other notes:

- The AI is maxed out to fight at its best as always, regardless of AILevel.
- In BB, you have Staggers and Throw states that can be broken out of if you push a button in time.
Here in Mugen, those are Custom states, which means that the entire deal lies on Azrael's side. Now this is all fine VS other players,
but against AI, it's a different matter. I've made it so that escaping any of these is based on the AIlevel of the opponent with the following values:
Stagger: 10% * AILevel, Max AILevel will always escape. Low AILevel will escape at the latest point, highest at the earliest.
Throw: 15% + 5% * AILevel, Max AILevel is 70%. (Throws cannot be broken if they Counter Hit.)

-You can change the frequency of Azrael's voice clips being played by changing var(56) at the very bottom of the first CNS file. (azrael.cns)
1 is default, 0 is no voices and 10 is 100% voices at all times.
-You can also change his localcoord in his .def file to fit him better into some of the Mugen 1.1 stages.

1-9: Normal
10: Clone Mode.
11: Enchant Dragunov Level 4
12: Enchant Dragunov Level 9

10p summons 4 clones to fight at the start of the battle.
11p adds metergain, immunity to throws and projectiles, and triple attack power.
12p adds constant full meter, immunity to almost all attacks, 10x attack power and constant life gain. Also, Phalanx Cannon can be fired all the time regardless of charges.

Check out http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php/BBCPE/Azrael if you want more information about the character, his moves or what the specific mechanics do.

10/14/2017 Update Notes:

- Changed the character icon to a close-up of Azrael's face.
- Greatly increased the distance covered when Super Jumping forwards or backwards.
- Azrael will now turn towards the opponent at the end of an Air Dash if the opponent is behind him.
- Azrael should now be properly grabable even while his Guard Point is active during Hornet Bunker, Valiant Crash and Sentinel Dump.
- The backwards Throw should no longer require backwards inputs if you want to follow up with anything when it does damage.
- Tiger Magnum, Cobra Strike and Leopard Launcher will now all wallstick the opponent while the Valiant Charger w/UW effect is active.
- Fixed a HUGE and ancient issue with Azrael not guarding properly at seemingly random times.
- Fixed the inputs for air jumps and super jumps. They should both be much more responsive now.
- Fixed a slight delay on Valiant Charger activation after hitting with Valiant Crash w/UW.
- Fixed the opponent returning straight into their base idle state after breaking a throw, if they don't have a custom animation for it.
- Distortion Drive supers, and alot of other moves that were previously unavailable, are now usable during Valiant Charger.
- Distortion Drive supers should now have the same background darken effect last the entire move, rather than it suddenly becoming brighter midway through.
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  • Azrael (1.1)
  • Azrael (1.1)

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