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Goku Z2

Uploaded by Feb 09, 2014
Author Author Balthazar, Cybaster
File Size File Size 19.59 MB
Views Views 102,084
Downloads Downloads 26,705
Last Reupload Last Reupload Sep 24, 2020
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BIO : "Pure-hearted like no other, Goku is all about finding strong opponents to further improve his god-like fighting abilities. And eating lots of food."

Quote Originally Posted by Balthazar
Goku marks the beginning of the Z2 era, where Dragonball characters are finally done justice in Mugen! No more 1-button-press-100-hit beams, no overly flashy and pointless transformations, no midget characters compared to Street Fighters, no eardrum-shattering sound effects. Just pulse-pounding, fast-paced, exciting, easy-to-pick-up, hard-to-master gameplay. Original and fluidly animated sprites. Tons of fan service. A load of fun palettes. This is where it's at, fighting game fans! Now, DBZ characters are finally worth your time.
Quote Originally Posted by Cybaster
A Capcom styled Goku, entirely sprited by the amazingly talented Balthazar.
He has some huge comboability and real lots of features. Just read the readme to see how much stuff he has!
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