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Downloads: [18+] Monako Ogura

[18+] Monako Ogura

Uploaded by 5th March 2017
Author Author Tokinokuni-Kei
File Size File Size 5.00 MB
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A lori char compatible with Donghwan raper.
I felt the edits were meh, given it's not so good sprite quality. But i did not want to keep too many chars on the shelf and not release them.....i have a lot


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  • [18+] Monako Ogura
  • [18+] Monako Ogura

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New Challenger
22nd July 2017 at 08:38
huh, a loli. Kinda surprised someone made one of these.
Decent Fighter
14th March 2017 at 19:29
Sorry but what do you mean by link me,you want a link to the char or a link to the engine
If is the last thenhere you can find the site http://kfxnews.org/ but i dont remember where i got the char you can find some really good stuff.
7th March 2017 at 05:43
Could you link me? i'm actually interested
Decent Fighter
6th March 2017 at 18:20
I have the chars and the engines because i was searching for something better and this had quite a lot of chars,is a jaoanese exclusive engine made on java it has a beter gameplay then mugen for example the K/on char made by dissidia are just ports of the Knuckle fighter ones.
I could upload it but since its not mugen and there is no section for it .
6th March 2017 at 15:47
Well when you put it that way...i guess i can make some more sprites. But i guess i hit artist's block idk. For the sake of it, i guess i will
Decent Fighter
5th March 2017 at 20:46
The sprites are good quality but because mugen doesnt have the same options as knuckle fighter,KFX or similar the char will have less quality then the original.
For example this char even if you added sprites,still will have less sprites then the original.
A little story of this char.
Original Engine ; Knuckle Fighter
Type : Original Char
Relese Date : Unknown
Family : Monami Ogura
Version of this char : This char has 2 version the normal and the one called Monako Gold.
Differences betwe Normal and Gold : Well the gold version is a R-18 restricted char because all of her attacks,throws and similar aare edited in a special way.