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Shader soft

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Decent Fighter
29th January 2017
Author Author Tabris666
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Well just some simple shaders to be used on mugen 1.1.
What do this shader?
It will soften the chars along with stages specially for the people that use low res chars and stages on mugen 1.1.
Does the HR chars look blurry?
Nope,it looked better.

How to install.
Well is easy just replace the following files
after replacing you will be ready.
This shader has some bugs so keep a bakup of the original files just in case you dont like it or the bug bother you too much.
Everything on the pic is low res and looked really good the stage looked similar to a hires stage but is low res.
Stage not available for download,320x240 name Torture Chambers



  • Shader soft

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1st February 2017 at 02:39
T-this is beautiful..
Decent Fighter
30th January 2017 at 03:41
@Dissidia Everything has jagged edges on mugen,so there is no way it would look worse,it will lag your pc but it wont look ugly just think that this will do the same process as a console softening the jagged edges, unless you use HD chars (there are just a few of those) it wont look worse.
My resolutions on the games i tested 1024x600 on one and the other was 1980x1080 both are 16:9 ratio aspect even the chars you made looked better because your chars have jagged edges,i just messed with the engine own shaders to soften those edges.
There is a bug with some specials but besides that there isnt much it was just a test to see what can be done.
The other shader available was made on elecbyte forums it was a ntsc shader unfortunatelly the author never released the shader .
If you want i could upload the config i use on reshade but is only high end pc,it will make everything similar to an arcade high end 2d game kinda like dengeki bunko or persona 4 arena that config is one of the best and it works for hi res chars and low res chars.

30th January 2017 at 00:13
Tried it, and the shader makes everything ugly when running on HD.

29th January 2017 at 14:36
Very interesting.

29th January 2017 at 13:42
I'm going to try it