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Downloads: The Queen of Fighters

The Queen of Fighters

Uploaded by 12th January 2017
Author Author RAN
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Remember all those [18+] characters I uploaded? Mappa Karin, Nude Athena, Nude Sakura?
This is the game they come from.

Included in the screen pack are the endings to different characters and three stages from said game.
Unfortunately I couldn't find the fuckton of other characters for the game...

Here's the list of missing characters:
- Demitri
- Terry
- Rock
- Mary
- Andy
- Joe
- Mai
- Yuri
- Clark
- Iori
- Billy
- Goenitz
- Krizalid
- Krauser
- Geese
- Adelheid
- Ryo
- Robert
- Takuma
- King
- Cammy
- Hotaru
- Hinako
- Xiang Fei
- Kasumi
- Kula
- Whip
- Foxy
- K
- Maxima
- Kim
- Jae Hoon
- Dong Hwan
- Chang
- May Lee
- Janet
- Yamazaki
- Gato
- Kyo
- Benimaru
- Shingo
- Chizuru
- Yashiro
- Shermie
- Chris
- Mature
- Vice

There also seems to be some missing stages for this.
I've included the character folders which contain their .CNS, .CMD, and .AIR files, maybe someone can make use of them for future purposes.

For anyone intrested, here's the site for the game.
And the DLsite, the creator is selling a mugen game apparently, I don't have (nor want) a credit card, so I couldn't buy it for everyone, and everywhere I go, I can only find the incomplete game, whole game should be around 400+mb, all I can find is around 160+mb.



  • The Queen of Fighters
  • The Queen of Fighters
  • The Queen of Fighters
  • The Queen of Fighters
  • The Queen of Fighters

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27th September 2017 at 16:31
Thanks, I was looking for it.
27th September 2017 at 16:31
Thanks, I was looking for it.
bison shadaloo
26th March 2017 at 05:46
This game QOF is delicious, but I am short of money and scarce bison-dollar to want to invest 120 yens for each package that does not guarantee me reliable download by electronic payment.

But download to Leona ° ¬ °
New Challenger
14th March 2017 at 23:17
Decent Fighter
26th January 2017 at 00:01
Want the game buy it legally from dlsite
12th January 2017 at 16:41
Fuck.. got disconnected from wifi, reconnected and refreshed a couple times... didn't think it would spam..
12th January 2017 at 16:40
I got it from torrent, but it's incomplete.
There are other more complete torrents, but seem to be very old and either no longer have seeders or trackers because I couldn't even get an estimate on how big the file size is..
New Challenger
12th January 2017 at 16:31
If only someone could torrent this game instead of paying it
12th January 2017 at 16:07
Yes, it's a hentai theme screenpack.
12th January 2017 at 13:55
but is an hentai screenpack?
then the list of the missing characters, known that there are many male names but the game seems to me that it should be entirely devoted to female characters ...