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Downloads: [18+] Nude Sakura

[18+] Nude Sakura

Uploaded by 30th September 2016
Author Author nyapamaster
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Another very hard to find nude character.
This one has a lot of glitches when run in 1.1 environment, but seems to work well in older builds, 2002 build to be exact.
I thought I'd upload it as well if someone can get the character to stop glitching in current build by messing with the code or files.

known glitches:
- character makes copies of itself midway through fight
- certain stun states leave the character freezing
- sometimes (but rarely) falls through the floor
- sometimes doesn't fall down air combo

It's too bad since the character actually has good gameplay, you can even play as dark Sakura by holding start on select screen.

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  • [18+] Nude Sakura

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New Challenger
14th March 2017 at 09:40
oringal sff,ncie job!
5th October 2016 at 07:12
Super surprised to find out that this wasn't a character edit but actually customly handrawn. Testing it on Mugen 1.1 for myself and for those wanting to download, the move set is snk based with 4 main attack buttons, dodge rolling and Pressing Z seems to activate some sort of EX mode.

Seems like a WIP though since sakura herself has no sound and some of her attacks don't have their intended knockback or stun frames programmed. The only glitch that I encountered was sakura getting cloned when winning a round. Yet she has no missing frames and she does show combo strings and special cancels.

No noticable kuromaru compatibility with only sprites lining up conveniently but is compatible with midnight bliss (where she just has her normal clothes on funny enough). All In all a barely unfinished character with much potential. If someone decided to update her it would be wonderful but as she is now she's nice eye candy especially if you want a drawn sakura and not just another Street Fighter Alpha sprite edit