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==Akuma (Gouki) SFTM V1.0==
-Files list:
SFF File: SFTM appearance with prayer necklace added. The glowing eyes are added as well.
PAL Files: palettes were made to make him look closer to his appearances from original SF games. Shin, God, Orochi and Oni palettes included.
AIR File: some missing animations were added to fit MKP engine. Those are high kick, sweep fall, run, etc.
CNS File: please note that the life loss during supers depends only on his life. So setting a bigger % in mugen.cfg file may ensure a better handicap. the difficulty level can be set up that way: open the CNS file, tap F3 and then search for "AI level"(no quotes). there you will see a line stating "fvar(7) = 6". change this value lower for easier AI and higher for harder AI.
SND File: the sounds are made to resemble the classic voice. Some new phrases for SF4 moves were made, also Akuma is announced with Shao Kahn's MK3 voice.
CMD File: It is highly recommended to check all of the commands before changing one. Most of the moves are coded to prevent interrupting their hyper-version input.
ST Files: contain all of Akuma's special moves from SF series, only Demon Flip (Hyakki Shuu) is missing. The Super and Ultra moves are now his finishers. Akuma also has two hyper moves and one Supercombo (MKIIBloodStorm fans, enjoy!).

Things to fix/add:
- new VS pic, might be a digitized hand drawing
- Friendship, Brutality, Babality, Animality
- maybe i should make my own effects for hadouken etc.
- bio and ending sequences for arcade mode
- maybe some AI level fixes will be needed
- the name pronouncing with different voices (for MKD, MKSM screepacks)

Tem(A) - SFTM sprite rips
Capcom, SNK - original materials, sounds and effects
[email protected], Kaziklu Bey - testing

Special Thanks:
Blood, SpoR, undertaker MKP, Simpliband - for feedback, the first ones to know of this char
Nyoronoru - for his SF4 Akuma guide at Eventhubs.com, which helped to bulid character stats
ReuBen K, ESFAndy - for different MUGEN versions of Akuma, which have shown me how it can be done
Proxicide - for original MK vs SF idea, keeping MK and SF fans friendly
Adobe, Autodesk, Rick Brewster & Tom Jackson - for programs used in the making process
Capcom - for the original Street Figher material, the design of Akuma himself
MKP Team - for the MKP engine, the reason why MK Mugen exists
Netherrealm Studios (former Midway), Warner Bros. - for the original Mortal Kombat base
all whom I forgot to mention - they know what for
you - for downloading this character and reading this file

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