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Downloads: MMD Hong MeiLing 95%

MMD Hong MeiLing 95%

Uploaded by May 15, 2016
Author Author qychina
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I saw the supports from mugen fans for my character, thanks for you all. This is a new version of mmd Hong meiling from touhou project, made with keyframed animations using MMD. Kof gameplays.
Great thanks to the author of the model.(Touhou Race Queen ~ EoSD Pack by TsukiChanP)
http://tsukichanp.deviantart.com/art...LOAD-593194969 (http://tsukichanp.deviantart.com/art/SDM-RACEQUEEN-PACK-1-00-DOWLOAD-593194969)

Version 95%
For this new version, many important updates were made.
1, The head-to-body ratio of this model was significantly reduced to 1-to-8.5, all her sprites were redone completely as a more mature type.
2, Ai was added.
3, two specials and one hyper was added
4, many bugs were fixed
5, new palettes
6, Cv was added. i can't find any hongmeiling cv from existing characters. So i rip some voices from "BLADE ARCUS from Shining" for her, although I don't understand japanese. if someone can make some voices for her,please contact me.

Command lists:

↓→+x 【气功掌】 a short distance attack with kungfu wave. press x for charging,release x to shoot, Press ← to cancel and save the charging grade. There are three grades. Undefendable in the third grade
↓→+y 【气功弹】 kungfu projectile. press y for charging, release y to shoot, Press ← to cancel and save the charging grade. There are three grades.
in air↓→ x 【空中气功掌】 press x for charging, release x to shoot, much faster for charging compared with the ground version. But can't be canceled until landing.
↓→+a or b 【彩风】 a slower but stronger projectile with multiple hits.
↓←+x or y 【返蹴】 anti strike
↓←+a or b 【降华蹴】 slow but invincible when flying, after contacting, press(↓+ a or b)5 for five tramples, many character can only be trampled once.
→←+x 【投技】 kungfu throw
→↓→+a or b 【天升脚】surface to air double kick

↓→↓→ + x 【芳波】
↓←↓← + x 【寸劲天龙脚】

the video of old version character:
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  • MMD Hong MeiLing 95%
  • MMD Hong MeiLing 95%
  • MMD Hong MeiLing 95%
  • MMD Hong MeiLing 95%

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