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Downloads: WinMUGEN Plus (2007)

WinMUGEN Plus (2007)

Uploaded by Jul 23, 2009
Author Author Elecbyte, Rouhei & Anonynous hacker
File Size File Size 1.94 MB
Views Views 119,430
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Released in 2007, WinMUGEN "Plus" is by far the most popular beta build of MUGEN (pre 1.0).
This is a mod of Rouhei's no limit winmugen patch, which adds support for hi-res content (up to 480p).
This mod was released on a Japanese website and its author is anonymous.

Docs : https://mugenarchive.com/docs/beta/mugen.html
Tutorials : https://mugenarchive.com/forums/faq.php

                           M. U. G. E. N

                  beta release version 2002.04.14
                           2002 Elecbyte

      Please read this whole document before proceeding.

      This is a public beta test version. You may use it to create
      your own game, but please take note: we may change
      specifications at any time during the beta phase, so anything
      you make now may not necessarily work with later versions of

      Not all docs are complete yet. Please check mugenfaq.txt for
      answers to common problems and questions.

      This distribution includes a sample character Kung Fu Man. You
      can check his movelist in the readme file in his directory:

           - MUGEN has moved from DOS to Linux! Please see the Known
	     Issues / Notes section below for other important

           - Some configuration files, such as data/mugen.cfg and 
             data/select.def, may have had new parameters added to them.
             Please overwrite your existing files if you have an older
             version of MUGEN.
             We recommend you do a clean install as there may be
             files and directories in previous version that are now
             no longer used.

Please check updates.txt for updates.
Please check incompt2.txt for incompatibility notices regarding
characters made for MUGEN version 2000.01.01 and earlier.



  • WinMUGEN Plus (2007)
  • WinMUGEN Plus (2007)

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