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Downloads: Nu-13 anti-crashing patch

Nu-13 anti-crashing patch

Uploaded by 24th April 2016
Author Author Hyde233
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Neat Unsou's Nu-13 is often known for crashing in MUGEN 1.1. This is due to her SFF file being too large. The problem might also be due to the user's computer not being powerful enough, but considering how my computer is somewhat high end and I still can't run it, I think a patch is warranted. Now, since I've only recently downloaded Nu-13, I'm not too familiar with her. Because of this, I can't really test the patch too much. The AI seems to do fine in battle, though.

A readme is included, as the name of it suggests, you should read it.

Also, unless you're desperate to get Nu-13 working in MUGEN 1.1, you should probably just stick with MUGEN 1.0, as Nu-13 is a little bit prone to causing MUGEN 1.1 to crash.

Edit (August 1, 2016): A hack for MUGEN 1.1 has been created that makes it more stable. Nu-13 should be able to work on this hack without the need of this patch, albeit usage of this patch is still recommended somewhat:




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New Challenger
29th December 2016 at 05:24
Thanks, man!
24th November 2016 at 05:53
UGHHHH i downloaded nu13 and now cant get the patch because of this download limit WTF i hate this sites restrictions it drives me crazy