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Gogeta SSJ

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19th April 2016
Author Author Mephistopheles & DGZ Team
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Don't allowed host the chars without permission.

Code : Sawady
Sprites : Jedi
Sprite Edit : Nachonal & Zerberus_dante
Sounds : Sawady & Nachonal
Fxs : Sawady & Classic Opensource
Version : 1.0

Character's History

Gogeta is a fictional character in the Animes Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. He is the Fusion of the two Saiyans, Goku and Vegeta.

In this fusion, Goku is the dominant influence. He is the second most powerful behind Vegetto. Gogeta is usually Super Saiyan 2
directly after Fusion. Gogeta is portrayed as a very confident and focused. Gogeta and Vegeto share second strongest position
because they cannot co-exist simultaneously.

Dgz RuLeZ

All this stuff is made by enjoy all the people that want to PLAY MUGEN, we try to do the best work in ours hands, we hope you like these
products that we shared.
Actually the members of this Team is composed by:

- ContadorGM
- Bardock
- Fantasma64
- Francinaldo
- Jabi
- Mugenfan2005
- Nachonal
- Rono
- Sawady
- UG
- Vieja del agua
- Zerberus Dante
- Fantasma64
- Jedi
- Balthazar
- Hitomi
- Ulquiorra
- Final blast


All the sourse, fx and sprites made by Dgz Team is NOT OPEN SOURSE
If you wanna use fxs like auras, charges kames, kames, masenko, explosion, and others original stuff, YOU MUST HAVE PERMISSION.
If you use the fxs without my permission you will have problems.
Sorry but we want originality and own style to do mugen stuff...

My opinion: The open sourse is good for newbies and for use a few classic stuff...
BUT if you're pretend to use all open sourse key, then you're a weak guy without originality...
you're killing mugen and abuse the works of others cool guys. just PATHETHIC....
My recomendation: learn to do your own stuff.

"Dream, Think, Don't watch anybody's project and Try to do yourself"

Thanks to:
Roken: to help with head job.
Nachonal: to help in sprites and bring ideas.
Zerberus Dante: to help in sprites and bring ideas.
mugenfan2005: To bring ideas and support.
jarekbachanek: to bring ideas.
ricky88: to bring ideas.
Mizhak: to bring ideas.
Gera: to bring ideas.
Wes45: to bring ideas.
ro: to bring ideas.

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  • Gogeta SSJ
  • Gogeta SSJ

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