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Downloads: Ray The Flying Squirrel (Modern)

Ray The Flying Squirrel (Modern)

Uploaded by 28th March 2016
Author Author Crowsar
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Ray The Flying Squirrel Redesigned Vesion with Goggles and Scarf

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  • Ray The Flying Squirrel (Modern)
  • Ray The Flying Squirrel (Modern)

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New Challenger
10th March 2017 at 11:53
Something really cool about this Ray is that he's based on some of his skills from the fangame Sonic World. In that fangame, he can glide and throw darts, and hit things with his tail, all of which are moves shown in the video. In addition to that he also uses voice and sound clips from that game.
It's really cool to see someone inspired from one fangame to make something like this.