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Dig Dug

Uploaded by Mar 10, 2016
Author Author XCB
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Dig Dug or Taizohori is made by XCB and is a 2 button character. Dig Dug plays kinda like its source game but with a few extra things as well.
The stage music will be replaced with another song when Dig Dug is active. He also still needs to catch and blow up opponents but pumping them 3 times will OHKO them. He also can whip out a jackhammer and shake the earth causing rocks and Pookas to rain from the sky on the opponent but dont do it for too long or else a Pooka or rock will crush Dig Dug instead, (Both the Pooka and rocks are not OHKOs they just do a lot of damage). However Dig Dug himself has a lot of weaknesses like not being able to block, run or jump. He also cant blow up any Super Armor characters as well making him very weak to them, and last of all he can only get hit 3 times before he dies. If he gets hit by anything his death animation will play and then he will respawn with 2 more lives. Very similar to how Spelunker works in Nijikaku. His AI is pretty weak and will often get itself killed however if he catches you off guard your going to go BOOM.
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  • Dig Dug
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