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Neco-Arc Chaos

Uploaded by 16th July 2009
Author Author DOBUROKU
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ActCadenza Ver.B @Ver1.01
ActressAgain @Ver0.70

Last modified 2009/10/08
3832 frames, 12 palettes
Select Moon styles (AA) or AC mode during intro
Power bar integrated

Note: I have added a button swap definition to match ⑨ buttons map

BIO: Neco-Arc Chaos (ネコアルク・カオス, Neko-Aruku・Kaosu) happens to be a mix of Nrvnqsr Chaos and Neco-Arc. He is Nrvnqsr Chaos colored and voiced like Nrvnqsr and shaped like Neco Arc. Neco Arc Chaos has his eyes closed most of the time. Some of his moves are the same as Neco Arc's but darkly colored. He is too feared by Kohaku for being a talking deformed human like cat. She even made a giant robotic version of him called "Neco Chaos Black G666" to get rid of him but failed. He says Nyaa alot too. He has a lot of moves similar to Nrvnqsr's (the ability to summon animals out of his body). He is hidden like Neco Arc. He never met Miyako but she would have tried to get rid of him too like she tried to with Neco Arc. He is voiced by Jouji Nakata, who also voices Nrvnqsr Chaos.
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  • Neco-Arc Chaos
  • Neco-Arc Chaos

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