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Uploaded by Feb 21, 2016
Author Author Websta
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Another sophisticated HD release by Websta
-color select during intro
-power bar included

Note: remove the localcoord in the def to play on 4:3 resolutions

Linne BIO:
Linne (リンネ, Rinne) and her brother Kuon were used in Yato's human experiment to create new abilities hundreds of years ago. As a result Linne gained the power to transfer her consciousness from a body to another, allowing her to live eternally. Even if her host body gets killed, Linne's consciousness is automatically transferred to a new body. This how she has lived her life for several tens of bodies.

Linne didn't want to continue possessing and ruining the lives of unknown girls, so she searched for a way to end her eternal life. The answer Linne found was that a legendary sword called the Indulgence of Assunder could rend her existence apart and end the curse she is bound to.

Quick-minded and stoic, Linne is someone who works well at her job and is focused on her goals, not letting her emotions get in her way.

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