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Downloads: Shizuka Joestar

Shizuka Joestar

Uploaded by Apr 15, 2021
Author Author Kishibe Light [The MUGEN Artist]
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The stand sprites were hard to make because of the face. It took me an hour to finish this and it's my rough try. I had to think of her own moves instead of sharing the same special moves from other characters. This could be the reason why Shizuka's sprites are incomplete.

The voice of Shizuka is taken from Falke, NiCO, and Amy. (Street Fighter V, Dead or Alive 6, and Sonic Heroes. I don't know any of these 3 games. I just searched up her VA)

The older form clips of Shizuka is Uesaka Sumire, the voice of Falke, NiCO, and Mukoda Saeko (Yakuza 7).

The child form clips of Shizuka is Kawata Taeko, the Diamond is Unbreable anime VA, and the voice of Amy.

The sprites were based off from a 2017 DeviantArt picture by omichishumura.

Key Commands:

x: Low Attack
y: Medium Attack
z: Strong Attack
a: Stand On and Stand Off (Press it again when you're on Stand Mode to turn it off)
b: Dash Escape
c: Transform into Invisible (only in stand off mode) + Stylish Cancel (any button + c)
s: Taunt

amarimono for the Trish character and Giorno's stand sprites I used as a base.

POTS for the Sakura sprites I used as a base.

K0IMA (possibly an English translation of his/her username?) for Falke Japanese voice clips.

nopasaone (from Sound Resources site) for NiCO Japanese voice clips.

runa (from Sound Resources site) for Amy Japanese voice clips.
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  • Shizuka Joestar
  • Shizuka Joestar

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