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Fulgore KI1

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Apr 15, 2021
Author Author Desadaptado & Dewi
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So every Fulgore from killer instinct 1 was really badly programmed, I was disappointed
so I took one with the arcade sprites and rewrote the entire code from scratch
it plays like Fulgore from Killer Instinct 1 with 90% accuracy, I'm kinda proud, there's some jank in there, but it's still pretty fun to play with
the character is very vanilla-ish
it's partially programmed with the famous Mike Obrecht's Eyedol, blood sprites, combo system etc.
- Added shadow moves (two kicks or two punches)
- Added Free combo system, more flexible
- Added a bunch of made up Linkers, and Enders
- Can do a ultra combo on the second round with less than 15% life on the enemy
- No ultimates or fatalities on this version, too lazzy
- AI included, it's really hard, actually feels like a killing machine
- I recommend to lower the attack damage if you feel he hits too hard
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  • Fulgore KI1
  • Fulgore KI1
  • Fulgore KI1

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