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Uploaded by Jan 25, 2021
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Totally original portrait character of my daughter. It's a very fun character in my opinion, but I'm posting on here more for posterity than anything else (believe it or not I lost the file already once and had to rebuild it again )

It is intended for a child to use, so a couple of points-
The violence is limited; there are no punches or kicks, only magic attacks and a default Minecraft sword swing (I decided this was ok).
The special moves are all combinations of 2 buttons being pressed together to keep it simple, and require no particular level of power to use.

There is a grow and shrink ability- Down then Up to grow, Down and A to shrink. You can switch between Tiny > Normal > Giant modes. Giant gets an attack buff, tiny has normal attack but is nimble and harder to hit.

Moves include:
Super Florence Muscles (flex muscles stance- opponent gets hurt and knocked back if touches/attacks while in stance)
Timeout Spell (turn opponent into rabbit- taken from Zatana)
Wingardium Leviosa (lift opponent and drop Harry Potter style- taken from Yoda force lift move)
Powerchord Hadouken (play War Pigs Power chord and send out hadouken blast)
Super Florence Freeze (turn to ice statue- taken from Elsa)
Flossie Flash Lightning Dash (rush around the screen in a stampede)

-They are all various 2 button combos

Drops rings like Sonic on heavy hit/trip
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